Tracking Western Union Payments in Kenya

December 28th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


Receiving payments from the United States or the United Kingdom can be a common occurrence for freelancers and online business owners in Kenya. In order to facilitate these transactions, it's important to have a clear understanding of the various options available and the pros and cons of each.

One option for receiving international payments is to use a bank transfer. This can be a convenient choice, as many banks have established partnerships with banks in other countries that allow for easy transfer of funds. However, bank transfers can sometimes take several days to process and may also incur fees for the sender and recipient.

Another option is to use an online payment platform such as PayPal or Stripe. These platforms allow for quick and easy transfer of funds and often have low fees for international transactions. However, some users may be required to pay fees for receiving payments, and there may also be limitations on the amount of money that can be transferred.

Another option is to use a money transfer service such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These services allow for the transfer of funds in person or online, and can often process transactions quickly. However, they may also charge higher fees compared to other options.

In addition to the above options, there are also alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency and e-wallets, both of which IntaSend offers, and are suitable for some individuals and businesses. Ultimately, the choice of a payment method will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the sender and recipient.

Regardless of the chosen method, it's important to be aware of any potential risks or challenges that may arise when receiving international payments. For example, exchange rate fluctuations can impact the value of the funds being transferred, and there may also be regulatory or compliance issues to consider. It's always a good idea to consult with a financial professional or seek guidance from relevant authorities if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’ll be opting for Western Union as your preferred way to receive international payments, you might as well get accustomed to a few things, such as tracking Western Union payments. Tracking Western Union payments is pretty easy but before we get into it, let’s quickly explore what Western Union is and some of the benefits of using the giant money transfer company.

What is Western Union?

If you've ever needed to send or receive money internationally, chances are you've heard of Western Union. This global leader in the money transfer industry is present in over 200 countries and territories, making it a go-to choice for people all around the world. But what makes Western Union such a popular choice, and why should you consider using it for your own international payments?

First and foremost, Western Union is incredibly convenient. With a vast network of physical locations and an easy-to-use online platform, you can send and receive money quickly and easily. Plus, Western Union is a particularly good choice for people in countries where access to financial services may be limited.

But convenience isn't the only thing Western Union has going for it. The company is also known for its reliability. When you're sending or receiving large sums of money internationally, you want to know that your transaction is secure and your personal information is protected. Western Union has a strong track record of handling financial transactions safely, so you can trust that your money is in good hands.

Now, let's talk numbers. According to data from the World Bank, Western Union has a market share of around 6% in the global remittance market. That's pretty impressive, considering the company processed a whopping $300 billion in cross-border transactions in 2020 alone. And Western Union's financial performance has been on the rise in recent years, with a compound annual growth rate of around 4% between 2016 and 2020.

But Western Union isn't resting on its laurels. The company has made significant investments in its digital capabilities, including the development of a mobile app and integration with popular e-wallet platforms. These efforts have helped Western Union attract younger customers and expand its reach in emerging markets.

Western Union is a convenient, reliable, and popular choice for international money transfers. With a strong track record of financial performance and a commitment to embracing new technologies, it's a smart choice for anyone looking to send or receive money globally.

Benefits of Using Western Union

A company like Western Union could only have amassed that huge customer base, thanks to the amazing money transfer services it offers. Truth be told, nobody would stick with a service they don’t benefit from, so for people to have stuck with Western Union for these many years, they must have been pulling the right strings and doing everything correctly. Below are some of the reasons a lot of folks around the globe use Western Union for their money transfer needs.


With a vast network of physical locations and an easy-to-use online platform, Western Union makes it quick and easy to send and receive money internationally. Plus, with the option to send money in person, over the phone, or online, you can choose the method that works best for you. With Western Union, you can easily and securely send money to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Western Union's user-friendly platform and experienced customer service staff make it the perfect choice for your overseas transactions. The company's global reach and commitment to safety and security ensure that bills, tuition payments, and money transfers are always safe and reliable.


Western Union has a strong track record of handling financial transactions safely and securely. Whether you're sending or receiving money, you can trust that your personal information and funds are protected. Western Union utilizes new technologies to ensure the highest levels of security and offers a secure platform for transferring funds to anyone, anywhere in the world.

With over 500,000 locations globally, customers can be sure that their money will be received quickly and securely. Furthermore, with a history of over 160 years, Western Union is a credible and reliable partner for overseas transfers. From safety to speed and convenience, Western Union stands apart from other money transfer companies.

Western Union has decades of experience in protecting its customers from fraudsters and cybercriminals. The company’s data encryption technology and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates ensure that any transactions you make with Western Union are carried out safely and securely.

Global reach

Western Union is present in over 200 countries and territories, making it a convenient choice for anyone looking to send money internationally. Plus, with a range of currencies available, you can easily send money to your loved ones no matter where they are in the world.

Western Union connects people and businesses around the globe by enabling them to move money from one country to another quickly and securely.

Western Union provides its customers with a range of additional services, such as electronic payments and money transfers, providing a convenient and reliable way of making payments and receiving funds. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to send money internationally.

Multiple payment options

Western Union offers a range of payment options to its customers. These options include the ability to send money online, through a mobile app, or in person at one of their many locations around the world. One of the main benefits of this is convenience. Customers can choose the payment option that works best for them, whether they prefer the speed and convenience of online or mobile payments or the personal touch of making a payment in person.

Customers can also choose the payment method that best fits their needs, whether it's a one-time payment or a recurring payment. This can be especially useful for people who are sending money on a regular basis, such as to family members or for business purposes.

Western Union's payment options are secure, with multiple layers of protection in place to keep customer information safe. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their payments are protected against fraud and other forms of financial crime.


Western Union is known for its fast processing times, with many transactions being completed within minutes. This is especially helpful if you need to send money in a hurry or if you're waiting on a payment from someone overseas. With Western Union, you can be confident that your money will arrive quickly and safely to the intended recipient. And, you can send money from any location, whether it be online, via the mobile app, or at one of the company's many locations around the globe.

Low fees

Western Union is competitive when it comes to fees, with many transactions costing less than $10. And with the option to send money online, you can often save even more on fees compared to sending money in person. Western Union keeps up with global trends, offering competitive rates for sending money internationally. This means no matter where in the world you're sending money, you can do so safely and securely, allowing you to keep costs low. Furthermore, with Western Union’s global reach, you can be sure that your money will get to where it needs to go quickly.


With Western Union, you can easily track the status of your money transfer online or through the mobile app. This is especially helpful if you're sending money to someone who may not have access to a computer or smartphone. With the tracking feature, you can easily check if they've received the money you sent.

The tracking feature also allows you to keep an eye on your money and make sure that it reaches its final destination safely. If there's ever a need to, you can even use the tracking feature to dispute any unauthorized activity or fraudulent transactions. As an added security measure, Western Union also has a customer service team available to help you with any issues that may come up.

Tracking Western Union Payments in Kenya

Tracking a Wester Union payment is very easy. However, it's important to note that you will need the MTCN and the sender's and receiver's last names in order to track a Western Union payment. If you do not have this information, you may not be able to track the payment. Below are the steps involved;

  1. Go to the Western Union website ( and click on the "Track Transfer" option.
  2. Enter the required information, including the tracking number (also known as the Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN) and the sender's and receiver's last names.
  3. Click "Track" to view the status of the payment.
  4. If the payment has been completed, the tracking page will show the date and time of the transaction, as well as the amount transferred and the recipient's location.
  5. If the payment is still being processed, the tracking page will show the current status of the transfer and an estimated time of arrival for the funds.
  6. If the payment cannot be found or there is an issue with the tracking information, you may need to contact Western Union customer service for assistance.

IntaSend - The Best Alternative

If you’re in Kenya, what you should ask yourself is the need to receive payments using Western Union rather than a local payment provider whose features are tailored specially to your needs. IntaSend offers the best payment services in Kenya, and its track record in the payment industry proves just that. The company has many ways to accept payments, including bank transfers, mobile money, Bitcoin, and ACH payments.

You can create no-code payment links, which you can send directly to your clients with your preferred payment method and get paid in minutes. The most catchy feature IntaSend offers regarding accepting online payments is payments with Bitcoin through its CashApp interoperability. Users can now accept Bitcoin payments from CashApp users in the United States and the United Kingdom even without a CashApp account.

Rather than going through the process of receiving money from Western Union, in which you have to be present at the bank with your Government ID if you’re picking up cash, you can just use one of IntaSend’s many ways to get paid. To get started with IntaSend, you must signup, and if you already have an account, you can explore some of the best ways to get paid on IntaSend.


Tracking Western Union payments can be a convenient and efficient way to keep track of your money transfers. By using the Western Union website or mobile app, you can easily view the status of your transfer and get updates on its progress. You can use the tracking number provided by Western Union to check the status of your transfer through their online tracking tool or by contacting customer service. Ultimately, tracking Western Union payments can provide peace of mind and ensure that your money is being sent and received as expected. On the other hand, IntaSend can help you get paid easier than Western Union. All you need to get started is an account.

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