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May 24th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot

Receive money from CashApp Without an Account

IntaSend enables freelancers in Kenya to receive money from Cash App without an account. Cash App is a mobile app that allows users to easily send money from one person or business to another. The app has since grown, and it now allows a lot of users in the UK and US to send money to each other through phone numbers, email addresses, and innovative $cashtags. It also added other features like Bitcoin trading, stock trading, and a DIY tax filing system. The payment feature has also been introduced to teenagers with parental guidance needed for them to use the account. 

Unfortunately, Cash App is not available for freelancers living in Kenya, East Africa, and other parts of Africa. But that isn’t the end of the road for any freelancer in Africa that wants to receive payment using Cash App. There are some ways to go about it.   

This article will show you the benefits of Cash App as well as how to get paid with Cash App as a freelancer without you having to open a Cash App account. 

Innovative features of Cash App that make it popular

The following features of Cash App have made it a top payment platform of choice for several people. These features are part of the reasons why freelancers in Africa need a way to accept payment from foreigners using CashApp.

Fast, easy way of sending money through mobile phones 

Cash App revolutionized mobile money transfer in the US and UK with their simple, efficient mobile money solution. All you need to send money to another person is their $cashtag, phone number, or email address. And once you send the money, it arrives very fast. Unverified users can send up to $250 per week, while verified users can send $7500 per week. Unverified users can only receive $1000 per month, while verified users can receive an unlimited amount of funds monthly.    

Businesses and organizations can use the app 

Less than two years after Cash App started, a feature was introduced that allows businesses and organizations to receive money through the app with a simple $cashtag. So, all kinds of businesses, religious bodies, and NGOs can receive money through CashApp.  

Bitcoin support 

Cash App supports instant payment using Bitcoin. Payment using Bitcoin on Cash App doesn’t require immediate confirmation on the crypto blockchain, so they are instantaneous.  

Support for teenagers 

Cash App now allows teenagers to use the app, but they can only sign up with parental consent. Furthermore, their usage of the app is limited to some core features for their protection. This allows teenagers to receive and send money legally in a secured manner that won’t affect them in any way.  

Tax filing feature 

Users of CashApp can now file and process their taxes using the app. This allows for an all-in-one solution for prudent financial integrity and for boosting the financial literacy of users. As you receive money and make transactions using Cash App, you can easily keep track of these transactions and file them appropriately. You can also input cash inflow from other sources.  

Neo-banking services 

Cash App allows users to transfer money directly to other bank accounts. The money transferred is very fast as automated clearing house direct deposits are supported. Cash App users can also order for the Cash Card, which is a debit card that works just like a regular bank debit card. Users can use the ATM card to shop, withdraw cash and make POS transactions from the money in their Cash App account. Moreover, the debit card is customizable and can be made as trendy or as fashionable as the user wants. After the card is designed on the website, you will receive the debit card via your email address. The debit card is free.      

Stock trading function 

Cash App now allows users in the US to trade stocks on the app. They can buy whole or fractional shares and sell them when they want. Stock trading on the app follows regular stock exchange trading hours, and stock prices are updated in real-time. Cash App makes it very easy for first-time investors to use the app and get a lot of returns on their investments.  

Reasonable transaction fees

Cash App’s transaction fees are very reasonable. They charge little percentage transaction fees for each transaction you make. Their rational transaction fees are part of what attracts users and businesses to them. The app is free to download, and you only get charged transaction fees when you start to use it. If you set up direct deposit, you get free ATM withdrawals.      

Secured transactions 

Cash App uses various security mechanisms to secure user funds, data, and transactions. All transactions are encrypted whether they are performed via public WiFi, home WiFi, or mobile data. Cash App also uses advanced fraud detection algorithms to detect frauds. Transactions are canceled immediately a fraud is detected. The transaction is then investigated and escalated to the appropriate authorities. Users can also use OTP (one-time passwords) to log in to their accounts for extra security apart from regular passwords and pins.  

How freelancers in Africa can use Cash App to get paid 

A few years ago (2018, to be precise), Cash App added support for Bitcoin trading. So, users can now send Bitcoin from one user to another. Cash App users can also send Bitcoin to crypto wallets that are not under Cash App. This brought about a way for Cash App users to send money to people that don’t use or have access to Cash App. 

Bitcoin payment on Cash App is instantaneous as transactions do not have to be confirmed on the blockchain. This allows for very fast transactions and payment of goods and services. 

And the best part? Freelancers in Africa can use this feature to receive money from anyone that has a Cash App account. Freelancers and online content providers can receive Bitcoin from Cash App users by using a top-notch payment gateway for Africans called IntaSend.  

The IntaSend payment gateway has a “pay with Bitcoin” option that allows merchants, freelancers, and online content providers to receive payment in Bitcoin. And, since Cash App transfers Bitcoin to other people, you can now receive payment in Bitcoin from your clients that have a Cash App account very fast through IntaSend.  

And best of all, IntaSend supports both the regular Bitcoin payment and Lightning network. The Lightning network is a new form of Bitcoin payment that allows payments to be processed faster through a decentralized network. Payments are faster and cheaper with the Bitcoin Lightning Network.   

Advantages of receiving Bitcoin from Cash App with IntaSend 

Fast, safe way of receiving money from any client 

Now you can receive money easily and securely from any client as long as they have a Cash App account. No need to search for alternatives here and there. And you no longer have to wait for days or weeks to receive your cash. Bitcoin transactions from Cash App through IntaSend are very fast. You can send an invoice to a client and receive the money from the client within minutes.

Cashapp supports fast Bitcoin transfers without Blockchain confirmation  

A significant reason why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions take some time to process is that transactions have to be confirmed on the blockchain before they go through. But Bitcoin transactions using Cash App bypass all these. Transactions go through immediately without needing to get confirmed on the blockchain first.   

Liquidity cover

One major reason why lots of people are afraid of accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for goods and services is the constant fluctuation of the Bitcoin price. But you don’t have to worry about that. IntaSend provides a cover for Bitcoin fluctuation. They automatically convert all cash withdrawals from Bitcoin to fiat currency using an appropriate exchange rate. All transactions are properly monitored by an expert team, and the money is made available for withdrawal after the consent of the team of experts i.e after review.      

Support for both Bitcoin lightning and mainchain networks 

IntaSend Bitcoin payment gateway supports the Bitcoin lightning network. Bitcoin lightning network transactions are faster than the regular Bitcoin mainchain transactions. This allows you to receive payment instantaneously. IntaSend allows your clients to choose between both the Bitcoin lightning and the mainchain network. 

Seamless implementation 

Implementation of Bitcoin payment using IntaSend is very easy and fast. You can use the web API to do this, so customers see the pay with Bitcoin option anytime they purchase services on your website. If you have the API installed previously, you might need to update the WebSDK to see the new Pay with Bitcoin option. Activate it under your account settings on the IntaSend website. Once activated, you can send customers QR codes or a Bitcoin wallet address to get paid using Cash App.    

Fast withdrawal of funds 

You can withdraw your Bitcoin funds very fast with IntaSend. The crypto is easily transferred to fiat currency, and you can withdraw it to a bank account and send it to anyone you please. You 

Minimal transaction fees

IntaSend’s transaction fees are minimal and very reasonable. They are much better than what you get from other payment providers. 

No downtime 

IntaSend payment gateway works 24/7 with no downtime. So, you get paid on weekends and weekdays with no delay in payment services.    

Secured transactions 

IntaSend uses various security protocols to secure transactions processed using their payment gateway.  

No hidden fees 

IntaSend has no hidden fee attached to it. Every fee is made known to you before you begin to use their services, and you won’t get unexpected debit alerts when you receive money using IntaSend.    

The following section shows how you can use IntaSend to receive money from a Cash App account even if you don’t own a Cash App account yourself. 

How to integrate Cash App with IntaSend 

IntaSend allows you to send a QR code to your customers. The QR code contains the wallet address that they’ll send the money to, along with the exact price of Bitcoin that they’ll send. You can also send the wallet address directly to the customer, who will then send the correct amount of Bitcoin. 

To begin to use this feature, you have to enable “Pay with Bitcoin” on your account. Go to your IntaSend account, then click on “collections,” then “settings.” You will see an option for enabling payment with Bitcoin. Tick on that option and save changes. And that’s it!

If you are using IntaSend’s API on your website, you might need to update the WebSDK, which is the software development kit to activate more payment options, including the Bitcoin payment option. Upgrade the WebSDK to version 3.0.4 if you haven’t done so. 

Once you have the new WebSDK update and the new plugin installed, you can now use “Pay with Bitcoin” option. The steps for doing these are easy, and IntaSend has a helpful guide that will show you the step-by-step procedure for doing these.  

Now you can receive international payments for transactions by Bitcoin. You can withdraw this Bitcoin to your bank account or M-Pesa mobile money easily, and you get favorable exchange rates for it. 

Gone are the days of having to decline clients because there is no payment option that suits both of you. You no longer have to resort to shortcuts to navigate payment obstacles. IntaSend Bitcoin integration with Cash App resolves a lot of issues. 


If you are a freelancer, you should use IntaSend’s Bitcoin payment option, so you can now accept jobs and contracts from clients that use a Cash App account. You get your money easily, and you get to expand your services to more people. Your business grows, and you receive money very fast. If you are having payment problems with a client, introduce them to Cash App and sign up on Intasend to receive funds from them easily.

Intasend also allows you to receive money from other sources apart from Cash App, including M-Pesa and credit cards. So, you can receive money from anyone within and outside Africa regardless of the payment option they want to use.

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