Business Payments

IntaSend Business Payments enables you to make single or bulk payments anywhere in Kenya. It is faster and at an affordable rate.

How it works

Add beneficiaries

Add your business payments beneficiaries list through the dashboard or API.

Preview and authorize

Confirm if your payment list is correct before sending it.


Authorize IntaSend to make payment and generate reports for bookkeeping.

Send money to


and many more

Business Payments pay Invoice

B2B Payments

Pay suppliers, salaries, and more

A business payments system cannot be complete without a robust way to send and settle B2B invoices. IntaSend solution helps you to manage all your payments securely from a single dashboard. Pay utility bills, suppliers, and other providers directly to their M-Pesa paybill and till numbers (Lipa na M-Pesa).

In addition to mobile payments, you can also initiate bank payments to partners who prefer to be settled by bank transfers. Payments are secure, instant, and run in the same environments we use to govern card payments (PCI-Compliant).

Bulk payment

Disburse payments to many with a single request

Payments disbursement is simply a way you send payments to many beneficiaries in a single request. You can do this by directly uploading an excel sheet with the beneficiaries' details on the IntaSend dashboard or through the transfer API.

IntaSend system is scalable and tested to pay up to 5000 beneficiaries in a single request. This feature comes in handy for businesses with many payments to settle at once. Such use case includes and is not limited to payroll payments, vendors payments, loan disbursements, dividends, etc. Our team is always on standby to help in failures management and retries which are common issues with bulk disbursements. We enable you to move faster and get more done with our innovative solutions.

Business Payments bulk payment
Business Payments automate-2

Payments API

Automate and build own workflow

With the business payments API, you can build your payments workflow within your app or CRM. With this, you can create auto-settlement strategies, settle approved bills on time, and reduce the amount of manual work your team has to do. Payments automation is vital in reducing human errors, creating efficiency, and providing an easy way to track and reconcile payments.

IntaSend transaction status API detailed information about payments, charges statements, beneficiaries, and statuses. Use this to create robust internal tools for easy management and visibility.

Affordable rates

Better rates than banks

We have better rates compared to banks in Kenya. Our B2C starts from KES 25 and with a cap of KES 70. For example, the cost of sending KES. 10,000 with the M-Pesa send money option, Safaricom charges KES 97 within their app. On average, the banks will charge KES. 100 for the same transaction. IntaSend will charge only KES 70 for the same.

IntaSend rates are affordable. You get to keep more money in your pocket. Learn more about our pricing.

Business Payments save-chart


Bulk Payment

Send to many recipients in one request

No maintenance fee

Pay for only what you use i.e per transaction.

Safe and secure

Bank level security and inbuilt fraud prevention mechanisms.

24/7 Customer support

We are always here to help. Email, phone, and call support.

Multiple Network Support

Send money to any mobile network in Kenya.

Managed Payment

We handle duplicate checks, exceptions, and retries on your behalf.

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