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Wallet as a service is a managed digital wallet for marketplaces, SAAS, and banking solutions. Build and deploy faster with a secure wallet service.

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Wallet as a Service Digital Wallet

Managed wallets

What is Wallet as a service?

Wallet service enables businesses and developers of platforms such as marketplaces and fintech to build on top of an already scalable and secure infrastructure. Building your secure digital wallet can be a challenge and requires a lot of effort to make it scalable.

IntaSend wallets are PCI-DSS compliant and built with scalability in mind. As a result, you are able to build and deploy high-quality web and mobile applications. Because of low cost (free for IntaSend wallets), the cost of moving funds between users is also greatly reduced. Your users can transfer funds for free between wallets.

Check out our API for Developers.

Use cases

Secure wallets for Marketplaces and SAAS

IntaSend wallets enable businesses and developers to allocate secure and robust wallets to their users. You can create multiple wallets, fund, move funds between wallets, and disburse to services like mobile money (M-Pesa). Using our API, developers can easily add new wallets without affecting the existing customer's experience. The service opens possibilities to a wide range of use cases and is not limited to:

  • Mobile banking and micro-lending applications
  • Ecommerce vendors payments and collection systems
  • Charges tracking and reconciliation solution
  • A crowdfunding solution where a campaign is linked to a single wallet for easy reconciliation and reports.
  • Wallet solution for gaming and e-sports

With the solution, businesses can move fast and deploy a production-ready and secure service.

Wallet as a Service MarketPlace
Wallet as a Service Multiple Ways to Pay

Multi-currency support

Support international and local markets

We support multiple currencies - this includes KES, USD, EUR, and GBP. Firstly, with multi-currency support, a business can easily venture into new markets or sign up international users without the need for multiple providers. Secondly, multiple currencies support enables you to move fast and manage your wallet's needs in a single dashboard. This is also ideal for businesses with a cross-border presence.

Multiple ways to fund

Separate funds for each user

You may want to separate funds for each user for easy reconciliation, managing balances, etc. You start off by direct deposit to the selected wallet using the payment methods we support. With the API, you can fund the selected wallet during payment collection. The system is robust and isolates the funds of each user (tenant). Secondly, using the API or transaction logs from the dashboard, you can provide a detailed report to your user the details of their wallet activities. Reporting includes all the debit, credits, and charges incurred. Because of this, you can minimize errors and mistakes that might occur with mixing transactions in wallets.

Your business can also cut transaction fees by utilizing the Intra-Wallet transfer where you can transfer funds between wallets within your organization. As a result, you are able to centralize all payments and easily reconcile within IntaSend.

Wallet as a Service Fund
Wallet as a Service Security


Build trust with your users

Your customers will be happy to know that their funds are safe. IntaSend infrastructure is PCI-DSS compliant and under 24/7 monitoring.

In addition to PCI, IntaSend also implements PSD2 security protocols. In PSD2 a secure environment, only accessible by parties who have explicitly been granted access and governed by a standardized set of rules. Learn more here about our approach to security.

Get peace of mind with a solution that works.


Customize and auto-reconcile

Build own workflows and automate the common tasks such as reconciliation and charges management. You can move money between wallets, take your charge, and auto-settle to M-Pesa (Send money and PayBills using our M-PESA B2B API).

Wallet as a Service automate
Wallet as a Service code ship

Faster time to market

Go live in days rather than weeks

Businesses using the wallet as a service option are able to build and deploy faster compared to those building from scratch. The IntaSend Wallet API is free to use and with no restriction on the number of transactions within wallets owned by you.

Please check our Developers API for instructions on how to get started with the integration.


Managed Security

Your connection with the IntaSend is secure and under 24/7 monitoring

Multiple Payment Support

Accept mobile, cards, and banks deposits within your application.

Reliable and Scalable

Works well for 100 to million of users. Service performance and reliability is one of our top priorities

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