Payment gateway for freelancers and unregistered business

No registered business yet? No problem. With IntaSend for unregistered businesses and freelancers, you are able to start with basic identity verification.

How to get started with IntaSend

1. Create account

Signup to IntaSend and request for freelancers and unregistered business account. We'll sign up with the basic identity documents.

2. Create Payment Link

With payment links, you are ready to bill clients. No code required.

3. Settle to account

Request for payout, we process your funds in less than 3 days.

Easy registration

Sign up with only your national ID

Starting with IntaSend payment gateway is easy for freelancers and unregistered businesses. You begin by creating your account with us, choose business type as "UNREGISTERED". We'll then request you to upload your basic identity documents (national ID and passport). After that, you'll receive a call from our friendly support just to properly understand what you do.

We have made the process simple for you to get started and get paid from both local and international clients.

Accept Online Payments kyc
Accept online payments - payment method

Multiple ways to get paid

Accept international payments

Unlike other payment gateways, we provide various ways you can use to collect payment and which are also available for unregistered businesses. For freelancers and small unregistered businesses without a website can use our invoicing and payment links features. This is simply where you send a request to the client to pay. We'll generate a unique secure link for them to pay and in turn notify you on email and SMS when payment succeeds.

Our checkout page is optimized to help you earn more by providing multiple ways to get paid and which includes:


Easy and Instant Withdrawals

M-Pesa payments are instantly available for withdrawals. And from the IntaSend dashboard, you can send money to your own number or pay other beneficiaries using the B2C and M-Pesa B2B (Till Number and Paybills). Card payments are available instantly after the clearing process with the banks which normally takes 2-3 days. ACH payments take the same period too.

The collected funds can be settled to M-Pesa number, Paybill or Tills, or to a bank account. Learn more about our settlements options and how to withdraw funds from your IntaSend account.

Business Payments save-chart

What you get for personal account

Faster payout

Funds collected are available on your account in 2-3 days

Manageable KYC

Use your personal documents e.g ID to get started

Managed charge backs

We work together on refunds to ensure correctness and fairness

Multiple settlement options

Select how you would like to receive your funds i.e MPesa or bank transfers


Be notified in real-time when you receive payments.

Payment links

Start receiving payments in minutes after sign up - no code required.


Businesses and developers love IntaSend

The experience has been seamless, efficient, and hassle-free. One thing that makes Intasend stand out is the platform's ability to collect payments from anywhere in the world.
Felistas Njihia Felin Solutions
Our experience with IntaSend has been remarkable. The integration process was quite smooth with proper API documentation. Intasend won us over on the ease of B2B transactions which is our mainstay and remains our preferred payment solutions
Kelvin Muriuki, C.E.O
Their platform is incredibly user-friendly, allowing our customers to easily pay for their weekly meals. The fast and secure payment process also provides peace of mind for both our customers and us.
John Faderr Foodtable by Roros Co.
@intaSendHQ I am currently blown away by your product. The documentation is so developer friendly as opposed to one pan-African payment gateway, market leader. Good job!
Their customer service is top-notch. The team at IntaSend Payments is friendly and super responsive, always there to lend a hand whenever you need it.
Wearify on Shopify Wearify Kenya
I would like to commend your service and especially point out your outstanding quick turn-around in processing payment and your after-office hour’s support. We are glad that you can be reached 24/7 for queries and round-the-clock support.
Peter - Twende Twende.png
Peter Nyotta Twende Worldwide Tours and Travel Ltd
This payment processor has allowed me to continue serving my local as well as international customers. They also offer reasonable fees and their payouts are timely. Even without a website, IntaSend payment links works just fine.
Shadrack - Gofan Safaris 1.png
Shadrack Masinde Gofan Safaris Limited
I have been using Intasend for a while now both on my website as a payment gateway and my business as a payment solution and all I can say is, IntaSend is the best solution to sort out all business payment related difficulties.
Daniel Nyongesa A+ Academic Consultants
IntaSend is one of the best online money transfers with mobile and card payment options and helps in collecting emails for marketing.
Moses - wizard.png
Moses Thoithi WizAdventures Safaris

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