Online Writing Jobs in Kenya - A Complete Guide

November 19th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


Online writing jobs are the best way to make some money while working from home. This is article provide guide that helps you find online writing jobs in Kenya. 

Online Jobs are jobs where you do need not to sit in the office for a fixed time. In freelance jobs, you are on your own. It's your timing when you want to set for work and you don't need to wait for the weekend to take some rest. Besides, you don't have any limit on income. Most of the time, freelance jobs are categorized as "Work from Home". 

Today most companies are launching freelance jobs as it's more beneficial for them. Employers need not organize any setup for the employee like the desk, computer, and other working components. All they need to do is just post the job. It's totally on freelancers how they will organize their working environment. As freelance workers mainly work based on contracts. So they need not pay any monthly amount to their worker instead they will pay for their work when the provided task is done. 

Writing is the best way to introduce your thoughts to others besides it's a good way to learn new things as you need to perform research on some topics. In the digital sector, the writer plays an important role as they develop contents for various companies to rank their websites and products on search engines. If you enjoy playing with words, then freelance writing can be the best career path for you.

Online jobs in Kenya

When you are looking for a job online, you'll have a large category to work in. And you can select the best matching category based on your skill set. Below we are going to discuss some of the popular jobs that you can take look at.

Freelance Writer

If you are good at writing and like to surf with new knowledge, then it will be best for you to work as a Freelance Writer. Freelance Writing has a few subcategories like academic writing, technical writing, business writing, creative writing, content writing, and more. We discuss these sub-categories in detail below.

Online tutor

It is another popular online job in Kenya. Online tutors are popular because of their reliability, flexibility, and affordability to learn. Through online, you can work as a team member of a team of teachers or you can work as an individual tutor. If you are good at teaching, then you can choose online teaching as your path. If you find clients within the country, then you can receive your payment through M-Pesa. 

Web Designer

If you are a developer and designer then you can start your career as a freelance Web Designer.  Web designers design websites for various companies and individuals. There are many online marketplaces available where you can find a lot of remote jobs as a Web Designer.  

Graphics Designer

If you have creative designing skills then Graphics Designing may the best choice for you. There is a lot of company and individuals looking for a graphics designer to design their graphical assets. Freelancing marketplaces like Upwork and contains a large number of graphic design projects available that you can work on. organizes contests on graphics designing.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a new trend in marketing today. If you have skills in social media marketing, then you can work as s freelance social media marketer and involve yourself in various projects marketing through various online marketplaces like Upwork,, Guru, etc.

Types of writing jobs

There are various types of writing based on skills and interests. Below we've shared to most common types of writing. Let's take a look at them,

Academic Writing

Academic writing is a type of writing that includes different types of academic writing such as report writing, research paper, etc. The tone, style, and organization of academic writing may vary on the categories you are working on. Most academic writing is in a formal way. If you are good at Academic writing then you can start your writing career with academic writing. There are a lot of researchers who are looking for a good academic writer to help with their work.

Technical Writing

If you are interested in technology or you are an engineering student or professional and writing is your hobby, then this category of writing is the best fit for you. There are various subcategories of technical writing Review articles, White papers, technical documentation, programming article, etc. If you love to explain technology to others then Technical Writing can be the best writing category for you to start. Technical writing is a bit complex as it requires collecting information and performing some research if necessary. Technical writing focuses on each profession, business, technical process, and term. To get started as a technical writer, you need not be an engineer or a technology specialist. All you need to have is the ability to research and describe a topic perfectly which makes the user easy to understand the topic.

Business Writing

Business writing is some kind of professional writing where each sentence has a purpose and conveys relevant information to the reader in a clear, effective, and concise manner. There is a variety of business writing like proposals, memos, reports, notices, and more. We can divide business writing into four different types such as instructional, informational, transactional, and persuasive. Conciseness, Clarity of thought, correct grammar, and perfect sentence structure are the major requirements of successful business writing. Besides the writing should be easy to read and understandable.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a type of writing where the writer expresses his creativity, imagination, and innovation in order to tell a story through strong written visuals with an emotional impact. The best example of creative writing is poetry, short story writing, story writing, novel writing, etc.

Sense and emotions are the two major elements of creative writing in order to create a strong visual in the reader's mind. Successful creative writing can take a reader into a virtual world of imagination. 

Article/Content Writing

Content writing is the process of writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. Article or Content writing is the most common type of writing in the writing sector. Here a writer develops content for a company or individual under numerous subcategories and topics. The term Search Engine Optimization shortly SEO is the goal for Article/Content Writing.

SEO is the process of ranking content or article in search engines. It focuses on keywords through which users can find the article or content. Today most of the company contains a blog site where they publish content that is relevant to their services or product. The technique here is that the blog content will rank their website on a search results and the backlinks used in the content will generate traffic to their main website.

Steps to start your first online writing job in Kenya

For you to run an effective career in online writing in Kenya, you need to understand how to get your clients. Below are some of the important steps needed to get started

Create your own website

Website for Technical and Academic Writers

For academic and technical writing you might need to run your own website. This way clients can always reach out to you directly and that means you get to keep all the commission. How do you create a website without technical knowledge? What makes a good Academic writing website?

For you to succeed in running a successful business, the website must be well optimized for SEO and easy for customers to place their orders. Customers must have an easier way to pay. For both starters and experienced writers we recommend getting Responsive wordPress themes and templates for Essay Writing from EssayWPThemes. They have very beautiful designed web templates that will help get setup easily and fast. The good design is key for you to standout, look professional, and build trust.

Website for SEO and Business Writers

When you are a beginner in general article writing, you don't have any experience. But you may have done some sample works that you can share to prove your expertise. Now, it is not mandatory to have a personal website to start working. But you need a way to showcase your projects and work samples that you've done already. For this purpose, you can use many free blog sites like blogger. It will be more effective to have some published articles or content. On the whole, you just need to have a place where you can store your sample works and share them with your clients when necessary. Besides, it is very important to share some sample works when applying to a project as one project may contain a number of applicants. Generally like any other job, if you are looking to start on online writing jobs in Kenya, you need to be able to showcase your experience and understanding of the subject. It is also recommended to work alongside experienced writers even if it is for free just to be able to understand what it entails to deliver high quality work.

Find your client on Freelancing marketplaces

Now, let's take a look at some freelance marketplaces where you can start your online writing career and built your passive source of income.


Upwork is a worldwide freelancing platform with a large number of freelancers and clients. Upwork provides a wide range of categories from customer service to design and development. On Upwork, your clients are not only connected to you by job postings but also you will get clients through invitations and project catalogs. If you are a writer, then Upwork can be a great place for you to start if you have confidence enough. There are a lot of online writing jobs available on Upwork under a number of subcategories. Besides, some of the clients will hire you for the long term if you can able to show quality work. 


Fiver is a microservice-providing site that connects freelancers with clients worldwide. The difference between Fiverr from other freelancing sites is that you need not bid on any project that is posted by clients. All you need to do is to create a gig of your service and publish it to Fiverr and your client will message you if they like to buy your service. In addition, Fiverr contains a feature name the "Buyer Request" where the clients post a job that contains some exceptional need, and the freelancer who has the ability to full fill that need can apply for the job. If you are willing to start your career as a writer, you can create a gig on various sub-categories of writing.

Freelancer is another popular platform to find, clients for online writing jobs in Kenya. This a freelance website where there is a lot of professionals, and companies from around the world who collaborate with each other on various projects. Unlinke another freelancing platform, organizes contests created by clients. The contents are mainly a job posted by the client and the freelancers complete the task of the job. After a predefined time, clients choose the best work provided by the freelancers and pay them for the work. This is a lot of subcategories available for writing category available in like technical writing, content writing, review, SOP, and more.


Flexjob is another freelance marketplace for freelancers and companies to work together on various projects. It is best for those who are interested to work in the Freelancing underwriting, marketing, and transcription category. Flexjobs provides you 30-day money-back guarantee and reliable support. On FlexJobs you can find flexible and remote job opportunities including freelance, part-time and full-time jobs. Flexjob contains broad categories, from education and training to journalism and writing jobs.


Guru is a freelance marketplace for both freelancers and companies around the world. Guru can be a suitable place for those who are just started as a beginner. It is very easy to search for projects and submit a quote to clients. After completing your profile, you will get recommendations based on your skills and experiences. Guru will provide you free membership to start your career and you will also get a customized job listing for a better job-searching experience.

Get paid from your clients

When you are working online, you will have clients from different countries. So, it's very hard for your clients to pay you directly to your bank account. So to get paid by your clients, you need to have a digital wallet. Now there are several digital wallet service providers available. For Kenya, the below Digital wallets can be the best suited for you.


IntaSend offers wallets as a service API to customers, developers, and businesses. IntaSend provides a suite of products and services for developers, which includes a platform for building, testing, and managing digital currency-based applications on the IntaSend network. IntaSend provides a suite of tools for building and executing payment flows on the IntaSend network, including a payment console for building and testing payments, a balance API for accessing a digital currency balance, and a secure messaging API for sending over-the-air transaction notifications. The platform also offers a suite of developer-focused services including a set of APIs (wallet as a service and payments API) for building digital wallets. For more details visit IntaSend homepage and Wallet As A Service API - 9 Best Use Cases.

Google Pay

The Google Pay API will provide fast, easy and simple checkout for your business. It can easily integrate with your business website and it gives you convenient access to hundreds of millions of cards saved to Google Accounts worldwide. Google Pay makes it straightforward for your customers to add offers to Google Wallet on their phones, providing easy access at the right time. It allows you to connect your bank account with your digital wallet. The most interesting feature of Google pay is group payment. This feature allows you to send or request money from a private group. It is easy to use and simple. It is available for both IOS and Android. Learn more about google pay in this link.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay enables you to make secured payments for your business through your iOS apps and websites. For the websites, Apple Pay currently supports Safari browsers. But you can use Apple Pay in Messages for Businesses and in iMessage extensions. Your customers can pay you quickly and easily by using their FaceID, Touch ID, or by double-clicking on their Apple Watch. Your customers no longer need to spend time on their wallets or finding the right cards. Its Inline setup feature allows your customers to pay immediately without leaving your app or website. Learn more about Apple Pay in this link.


You also can integrate a payment method by using the PayPal REST API. It is organized around transaction workflows such as payments, orders, invoicing, etc. You can easily connect your Bank Account, credit cards, and debit cards to your PayPal account.

Although PayPal is popular with most clients in the US and UK, it does not work well with online writers in Kenya and most part of Africa. Paypal is know to terminate accounts and delay payments for many online writers. Please visit our previous article on PayPal challenges and best new alternative.

Cash App

Cash app is another popular digital payment wallet. The Cash app helps you to make payments instantly, anytime, and anywhere. You also can integrate Cash App as your website or app payment method using the Cash App API. When a specific Cash App account is charged, the square deposits the funds in the square balance of the seller.

In Kenya, you might not be able to receive CashApp payment directly since it is limited to the users in United States of America. IntaSend has created a way for online jobs in Kenya can also get paid through Cash App. Follow the links below to learn more:

Bonus: How to receive Cash App in Kenya and Cash App in Kenya - Everything you need to know

Why IntaSend is best for Kenya online writers?

IntaSend works with freelancers and mostly online writers i.e academic and content writers. They use the IntaSend payment links to get paid. We have cashapp to BTC to IntaSend option too.

Payment security is a major issue today for any kind of business. IntaSend is more highly secure than any other digital wallet and it is a legally registered company and also PCI-DSS compliant. It is recognized and registered as a secure digital wallet service provider by Visa and other partners. So it will not only secure your money but also the sensitive information regarding the payment. IntaSend also provides you some exciting features like the below,

IntaSend accepts major cards including MasterCard and Visa - debit and credit cards. Easily get paid in a 3D secure and PCI-DSS compliant environment. Card payments take 2-3 days to clear.

We enable you to get paid through bank transfers. Get paid through ACH even without a US account. Bank transfers can be slower than debit or credit cards, but they usually give you the best value for your money.

Is the new way of getting paid - funds are made available for withdrawal the same day. We payout in USD to help you minimize risk with the crypto-currency price volatility.

Ideal for local strategy and expansion. M-Pesa payments are instantly available for withdrawal. Use our M-Pesa API for mobile billing and business payments automation.

So, when you will compare the features and services of IntaSend with other payment methods or digital wallets, you can see that It's a strong competitor and the best choice for any business. Learn more on how to accept payments with IntaSend.

Now, when choosing a digital wallet, there are sevaral things that you needs to keep in mind like transection fee, safety, security, etc.

Get started with IntaSend

It is very easy to get started with Intasend as a new user. All you have to do is just follow the below steps,

Create an account: This is the first step where you need to signup for IntaSend.

Choose how you want to get paid: In this step, you need to select the method of getting paid from your customer. You can choose a payment request link or you can integrate an easy-to-use payment API.

Share payment link and get paid: Get paid from your customer.

Through the help of IntaSend, you can send invoices directly from your account dashboard and it will send a payment request to your customer with an easy checkout link for making payment. You also can generate a Payment link that you can share on email or other secured messaging apps. You also can integrate IntaSend API on your website or mobile application.


If you love freedom at work then freelancing is best for you and if you are good at writing, then you can choose freelance writing as your career. There are a lot of companies and individuals looking for freelance writers to develop their content and rank their websites to search engines. So, Freelance writing can be a great starting point for your career.


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