Transfer API

Send money to over 33 countries in Africa - For remittance, salary payments, freelance, and any other pay disbursement solution

How it works

Integrate to our API

Transfer API enables you to design great payment experience by providing affordable options for your users

Design your rates

Decide how much you would like to charge your users. Leverage on already available solution that fits your business model.

Get access to Liquidity

We enable access to transfer liquidity in multiple countries. No need to worry on how to convert different currencies and compliance.

Supported Payment Methods


and many more


Multiple Countries Support

We connect to over 20 payment providers in Africa to ensure smooth remittance of cash and wide coverage

High Throughput

Our platform is well tested and proven to do high volumes. Process 100s of transactions per second.

High Availability

We are dedicated to ensure high availability of the transfer API and zero downtime.

Managed Service

We handle deployments, API upgrades, exceptions and retries, refunds etc so that you can focus on building your app and not payment issues.

Managed Security

We deploy in secure environments and provide 24/7 system monitoring services. Your customers funds is safe with use.

Customized Solution

Design your own terms and rates. Transfers API provides a flexible way for you to package payments in a way it fits your business model.

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