Rental Management System in Kenya

December 20th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


This article will discuss the Rental Management System in Kenya. We are going to see What is a Rental Management System, its benefits, and some of the best rental management systems available in Kenya.

What is a rental management system?

The rental management system provides all the necessary tools and equipment to the property owners and managers to provide renting services. It's mainly designed for hotel managers and owners that help them to manage each and every aspect of the hotel business. It is also an important tool in the real estate industry. There are various types of rental management systems available such as Car Rental Management Systems, Property Rental Management Systems, Hotel Management Systems, etc. The Rental Management system is software through which you will be able to receive and record payments and generate reports for income, expenses, cash flow, and other strategic and financial planning interests. On the whole, it is an all-in-one tool that helps you to manage your renting business.

Why use a rental management system?

If you are planning to start a rental business, then it is very important for you to have a Rental Management System. It helps you to design a customer-friendly business environment. A Rental management system helps you maintain your business digitally. Let's take a look at some benefits of using Property Management Systems/Software:

  1. By using Property Management Software, you need not hire a different person for different tasks like reservation, financial operation, records, reporting, etc. All of these tasks you can perform through the Rental Management System. So, it is very budget-friendly and helps startup businesses to grow.
  2. Through the rental management system, your customers can apply for any of your rental services online. That you need not wait until they finish and submit a rental form. A rental management system can also take payments from customers automatically. That means it helps you to save time.
  3. A rental management system provides you with a personalized business website where your customers can apply for rental services. They also can directly book the service they want. As a result, your rental business becomes more customer efficient.

Besides these benefits, A rental management system also provides you with some exciting features that make your business management easy. Using a Rental Management system is increasing day by day.

Best Rental Management System in Kenya

Now we are going to take a look at the best Rental Management System in Kenya.

Real Estate Management Software by FutureSoft

By using the Real Estate Management Software, you can track residents, and leases, collect rent, handle finances, and more. FutureSoft Property Management Software has an integrated accounting system that offers you, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, and drill-down financial reports. So it's become easier to maintain your business by using a few mouse clicks. Real Estate Management Software by FutureSoft provides you with a number of functionalities and features. Learn more about the Real Estate Management Software by FutureSoft at this link.


Are you looking for a simple, easy-to-use Rental Management System? Then you should take a look at the EazzyRent. EazzyRent comes with a simple financial management tool through which you can easily track your business finance. EazzyRent allows you to customize the application based on your needs so it could be a great tool to personalize your business. With the help of EazzyRent, you can manage your tenant relationships from one place, including accepting rent payments, sending notices and reminders, and collecting late fees. EazzyRent will provide you with some exciting features like Unlimited Users, Unlimited Branch Offices, Tenant & Landlord Portal, E-Payments Mpesa/Bank integrations, Bulk Sms & Email, Marketing, and more. I looks like a complete toolbox to grow your business. Learn more about EazzyRent here.

Rent Rahisi

Rent Rahisi is another Property Management Software especially for landlords. Rent Rahisi makes it easy to maintain any property renting business. It will allow you to manage properties in one place. You can collect payment for the rent both online and in person. Rent Rahisi helps you to record each of the financial events of your business. Rent Rahisi comes with some great features like Automated Equity, Co-op & MPESA Collection, Bulk Invoice SMS, Automated Accounting – highlighting paid and unpaid invoices, Maintaining Digital Records, and more. Rent Rahisi is device friendly so can be used both as a mobile app or desktop software. Learn more about Rent Rahisi here.


AppFolio is a specifically designed software for landlords that has all the necessary tools to manage your rental properties. With the help of AppFolio, you can track your rental properties, tenants, leases, maintenance issues, and more. It is a property management software that gives your clarity to focus on what matters most. Business size doesn't matter, with AppFolio you can create your own business portfolio. AppFolio allows you to do anything from anywhere in a fully digital environment. AppFolio has a collaborative and supportive team to ensure the best possible solution for your business. Learn more about AppFolio here.

MRI Real Estate Software

It is a web-based property management software. You do need to install the software on your computer, if your computer has a browser that's enough. You can also use it from your smartphone using their mobile app. This software is specifically designed for landlords. MRI Real Estate Software has all the necessary features you need to run a Property Renting Business such as tenant screening, maintenance requests, rent collection, property listing, lease management, etc. It also provides additional features to its users through the add-on package. Learn more about MRI Real Estate Software here.

IntaSend: How to receive rental payments

When you are running a rental business, it is necessary to organize reliable payment options for your customers. If your business is situated in Kenya then you take a look at IntaSend. IntaSend can be a great choice for you to receive payments from your customers. IntaSend provides it using a secure payment method to receive payments from worldwide locations. It provides multiple ways to receive payments from your customer. The company is trusted by tens of thousands of people paying IntaSend merchants every month.

IntaSend contains over 99.99% success rate for M-Pesa payments, Bank, Card payments, and Bitcoin payments. IntaSend dynamically routes transactions through different gateways and processors, ensuring optimal payment routes, and high success rates.

Are you thinking about payment security? With IntaSend you need not care about that. IntaSend is highly secure than any other digital wallet and it is a legally registered company and also PCI-DSS compliant. It is recognized and registered as a secure digital wallet service provider by Visa and other partners. So it will not only secure your money but also the sensitive information regarding the payment. Learn more about IntaSend at this link.


Using a Rental Management System is beneficial for any kind of renting business whether it is small or big in size. It is time-efficient, cost-efficient, and user-friendly. It is not only beneficial for business owners but also helps customers to get a customer-friendly experience from your business. That means more positive ratings and feedback that attracts more customers. It is also important to include an online payment method with your business as it will make it easy for your customer to pay you. It also provides you with payment safety. Some of the rental management systems may provide you with integrated payment systems.

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