Point of sale software for small businesses in Kenya

December 16th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


In this article, we are going to discuss point-of-sale software for small businesses in Kenya. This article may helpful for both beginners to select a POS software for their business.

What is Point-of-Sale (POS) software?

It is important to have a point of sale software for small businesses. This is the tool that facilitates transactions in retail sales. Modern POS system is a combination of software and hardware that supports Debit/Credit cards, digital payments, and more. It also contains physical devices like a barcode scanner, card reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, and more. For any business, It works like an all-in-one business management tool. But not all POS software is perfect for businesses. There are some properties that must be visible in a POS system. We've discussed these properties of a POS system below in brief.

Choosing the Right POS system for your business

Choosing the best POS system is the first step to setting up a POS system in your business. It depends on the requirements of your business. When choosing a POS system for your business, you need to consider the below properties. Because a truly modern POS system must include these properties:

Modern POS Hardware

A Modern POS system must have a clean, modern, POS device design that extends your business. The required devices for the system should be preinstalled and pre-integrated into the platform. Also, it should have high durability and Legacy I/O support.

Complete, integrated, POS software

The POS system should be modern pre-integrated and complete POS processes. It should be easy to integrate with operational and ERP systems For receiving digital payments like the mobile payment option, it must have an API. It should be able to connect with online ordering solutions, card payments, and more.


It is very important to have a cloud-enabled POS system as it allows you to connect your business anytime from any location. It also provides you with fast deployment and saves time. It provides flexibility in implementing changes based on market conditions. Cloud-enabled POS systems are optimized and pre-integrated solutions as it has the ability to add new modules quickly and easily.


Mobile-ready is another important feature of any POS system. It makes it easier for employees to confirm orders through their smartphones without going to their desks. This will save time and make it more user-friendly to use. As the system contains a cloud facility and supports control through mobile, you need not shut down everything if your desk computer has any problem. So, This is very property for any POS system.


Security is a major issue for any kind of digital device. Modern POS systems have the ability to store data on the cloud. So if your operating computer got any problem or the local storage device is failed for any reason, you need not worry about it. Because your business data are safe on the cloud. So, security is a very important feature for any digital system like POS.

Modern UX

Modern POS systems must have a user-friendly User Interface and it also has an efficient, time-savvy user experience. Not all users are experts with digital POS systems. So if the User interface and the User Experience are complex then you need to organize a training session for new employees to make them understand using the POS software which is costly and not a good idea for small businesses. So when you are looking for point-of-sale software for small businesses, you must consider this feature.

A perfect point of sale software for small businesses is very important to operate the business. It will help you manage a whole business on one single screen.

Best Point-of-Sale(POS) software in Kenya

Now we are going to discuss some popular point-of-sale software for small businesses in Kenya. Let's take a look and find the best match for your business:


SimbaPOS is a POS system provider that contains some amazing features for small businesses. SimbaPOS system contains easy to use User interface with a beautiful design that allows you quick learning and input orders. So you do need not to organize any training sessions for your new staff to use it. SimbaPOS contains some extra features for Restaurants and bars. It allows waiters to easily indicate order modifiers such as COLD/WARM and ACCOMPANIMENTS. SimbaPOS software system has amazing user access rights that will enable you to specify users for the system such as Owner, Administrator, Manager, Supervisor, etc. You can specify user access rights too. SimbaPOS can be a perfect choice for you if you are starting a new business. Learn more about SimbaPOS here.


If you are looking for a POS system that will be usable on both Mobile and Web then you can choose UZAPOINT. It is a very easy-to-use, beautiful and powerful, and affordable POS system. UZAPOINT is simple and accessible anywhere and everywhere. UZAPOINT is a secure system that guarantees safety and dependability. UZAPOINT provides cloud-based record keeping that can protect you from data loss and let you access your business from anywhere anytime. UZAPOINT has Automated Stock Management. UZAPOINT can provide you with Business Intelligence Reports that can help you on making informed business decisions. Besides these, there are more features that you will get when using the UZAPOINT. Learn more about UZAPOINT here.


SaifyPOS comes with a user-friendly interface that is fast and easy to use and learn. So it will minimize the training time for new workers. The great thing about SaifyPOS is that it can be accessed globally as all your data is stored in the cloud. SaifyPOS accepts all the ways to receive payments. It provides your customers with a seamless and secure checkout experience. SaifyPOS is not only limited to a POS system, it also helps you to grow your business by providing some amazing business management tools. Learn more about SaifyPOS here.

Breezetech POS

Breezetech POS is a POS system by Breezetech Technologies. Breezetech POS provides you with all kinds of features that help a business to grow. Let's take a quick look at the features Breezetech POS provides to you,

  1. Stock Management
  2. Sale Register
  3. Transactions Logging
  4. Quotation and Invoicing
  5. Expenses Logging
  6. VAT, Customer, and Multi Tiers taxation.
  7. Receipt Printing.
  8. Barcode Generation and Printing
  9. Suppliers and Customers Management.
  10. Restaurant Tables and Delivery.

There is a more exciting feature available for you. Learn more about Breezetech POS here.


Are you planning to open a retail business? Then you should take a look at Focus POS. It is a cloud-based Point of sale solution from Focus Softnet. Focus POS is the best point-of-sale software for any kind of business whether it is a supermarket, multi-brand retailer, lifestyle store, hypermarket, fast food, or boutique outlet. This POS software is scalable, easy to use, and quick to deploy. Focus POS comes with power-packed accounting and inventory modules so you need not search for any other software for business management. Focus POS software contains 9 comprehensive modules to manage sales, pre-orders, reservations, home deliveries, purchase orders, inventory transfers, customer tracking, discount schemes, promotions, loyalty programs, data synchronization, security, and all other aspects of a retail business. With the help of AI, Focus POS with enhance customer experience and create more engaging interactions.  Learn more about Focus POS here.

Above we share some of the popular point-of-sale software for small businesses in Kenya. You can choose the best match for your business based on the requirements and conditions of your business.

IntaSend: A perfect alternative to POS payments.

Though a POS system is a very important element for any business, including a mobile payment system is can upgrade your customer experience. Some customers may wish to pay through mobile payments or if your business is related to eCommerce then it is not a good way to get paid from clients through the POS system. In this case, you have to use mobile payments.

In Kenya, M-Pesa is the most used mobile payment system. IntaSend is a popular payment option in Kenya that supports payment through M-Pesa. It also supports other payment options. Let's take a look at IntaSend in brief.

Why use IntaSend?

IntaSend is an initiative of IntaSend Solutions Limited that provides digital wallet service. The company IntaSend Solutions Limited is a technology company registered in Kenya. IntaSend provides it using a secure payment method to receive payments from worldwide locations. It provides multiple ways to receive payments from your customer. The company is trusted by tens of thousands of people paying IntaSend merchants every month.

IntaSend contains over 99.99% success rate for card payments, Pay with Bitcoin, ACH, and Mobile payments. IntaSend dynamically routes transactions through different gateways and processors, ensuring optimal payment routes, and high success rates. Learn more about IntaSend - how to accept payments with IntaSend.

Benefits of using IntaSend

If your business is situated in Kenya then IntaSend is the most recommended payment method that you should include with your business. It includes some extra feature to your business that makes it more customer friendly.

Payment security is a major issue today for any kind of business. IntaSend is more highly secure than any other digital wallet and it is a legally registered company and also PCI-DSS compliant. It is recognized and registered as a secure digital wallet service provider by Visa and other partners. So it will not only secure your money but also the sensitive information regarding the payment. IntaSend also provides you with some exciting features like the below,

Card payments

IntaSend accepts major cards including MasterCard and Visa - debit and credit cards. Easily get paid in a 3D secure and PCI-DSS compliant environment. Card payments take 2-3 days to clear.

Bank transfer

We enable you to get paid through bank transfers. Get paid through ACH even without a US account. Bank transfers can be slower than debit or credit cards, but they usually give you the best value for your money.

Pay with Bitcoin

Is the new way of getting paid - funds are made available for withdrawal the same day. We payout in USD to help you minimize risk with the crypto-currency price volatility.

Mobile money

Ideal for local strategy and expansion. M-Pesa payments are instantly available for withdrawal. Use our M-Pesa API for mobile billing and business payments automation.

So, when you will compare the features and services of IntaSend with other payment methods or digital wallets, you can see that It's a strong competitor and the best choice for any business.

Getting started with IntaSend

It is very easy to get started with Intasend as a new user. All you have to do is just follow the below steps,

Create an account: This is the first step where you need to signup for IntaSend.

Choose how you want to get paid: In this step, you need to select the method of getting paid from your customer. You can choose a payment request link or you can integrate an easy-to-use payment API.

Share and get paid: Get paid by your customer.

Through the help of IntaSend, you can send invoices directly from your account dashboard and it will send a payment request to your customer with an easy checkout link for making payment. You also can generate a Payment link that you can share on email or other secured messaging apps. You also can integrate IntaSend API on your website or mobile application.


A Point-of-Sale or POS system is very essential for any kind of business. It is a secure way to receive payments. Using a Modern POS system can also help you in the financial management of your business. It also helps you to track all your business movements. You can include some additional support on receiving payments by using a mobile payment system. Besides, it's highly recommended if your business operates online or your business is related to eCommerce.

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