M-PESA B2B API Integration - The Best Way to Integrate M-PESA B2B in Your Business

September 16th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


It is no longer a surprise that seamless payment, from the consumer's perspective, is now a requirement that must be met at all costs. Even B2B business models should support simple payments, not just for customers but also for the company's overall expansion. At IntaSend, we recognize the value and necessity of a nearly flawless M-Pesa B2B API integration to maintain business operations. That is why we'll review everything you need to know about it. The decision to use IntaSend as the primary M-Pesa B2B API integration provider will hopefully be more obvious than ever after reading this article.

IntaSend M-Pesa API

What’s a good online business if you don’t have a credible payment system in a plan to make sending and receiving of funds to and from your customers/clients/contractors seamless? The IntaSend M-Pesa API allows you to integrate a quality mobile payment system into your business to pay bills, send money, and collect funds.

Why IntaSend?

It’s okay to wonder why you must choose IntaSend from the list of top B2B API providers available in Kenya. For the record, IntaSend has a wealth of experience and credentials in the payments and payments processing industries and is one of the few companies that can offer the M-Pesa B2B API. The API is not publicly available, so IntaSend is one of the surest ways to get in front of the most important market in the world. Let’s explore some of the benefits of the IntaSend API below;

Easy integration and activation

The ease of setting up an account, integrating the API, and activating it is why most people choose IntaSend as their go-to B2B API provider. The best part is that you can go live in one day as soon as you’re done setting up and integrating the payment system. Usually, creating a robust payment collection and disbursement system can be complicated. However, IntaSend takes care of everything for you by eliminating the complications involved, leaving you with a smooth and seamless experience. All you need to do is set up an account and choose from a pool of tools and SDS that will allow you to make payments and track transaction statuses.

The PHP SDK allows you to send money, integrate M-Pesa B2B API, and collect money by enabling the M-Pesa STK push.

You can also opt for the WordPress and WooCommerce integration to get a full-fledged payment system that is easy to use and manage. The integration allows you to collect payments through the M-Pesa STK push.

There’s also Python SDK. This does the same as the PHP SDK, only with a different programming language. You can send money, integrate M-Pesa B2B API, and collect money via the M-Pesa STK push.

Other M-Pesa API SDKs IntaSend offers include;


We earlier mentioned that IntaSend is only one of the few companies offering the M-Pesa API integration. This is not a product you can get anywhere, so having an exclusive product like the M-Pesa B2B API integration is an opportunity that must be grabbed with both hands. IntaSend has the direct access and authority to resell this financial product to developers and business owners to automate their payment processes in CRMs and business applications.

Single and bulk Payments

There’s no need to worry about the large and time-consuming tasks of sending bulk payments to mobile accounts in Kenya. Whether you’re paying a supplier or just disbursing the usual end-of-the-month payments, IntaSend will get it done for you from a single request. You can initiate up to 5000 transactions at once, which is an amazing feat for any payment integration in the business today. This process reduces the error and failures involved in sending out payments manually; that’s one stressful process after all. IntaSend will also help you manage retries and properly account for usual failures such as account limit errors. You will also be entitled to a proper reconciliation report for each bulk or single payment.

Clear documentation

The API keys are easy to obtain. You can test the integration by testing the API keys from your sandbox before you start utilizing the IntaSend M-Pesa payment API. This will help you better understand the system and decide whether to go on with the integration. You can check out the detailed list of our tools and SDS here or visit our documentation page to get more details on how to set up the API.

Secure operations and reliability

The IntaSend infrastructure was built to provide a secure and reliable payment service, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your personal information or money with IntaSend. IntaSend’s infrastructure goes through regular audits for PCI and payment security standards. It uses the most secure network connection you could ever think of. The system also uses PSD2 standards to provide that extra layer of authentication of payment requests. With these security measures, you can be confident in the total safety of your money and personal information.

Cheaper transfer charges

M-Pesa offers cheaper transfer rates for B2B transactions as they only range from KES 10 to KES 40. B2C rates could be as high as KES 70, while bank charges on transfers could go as high as KES 140. Knowing that you won’t have to break the bank to pay your suppliers and employees is a relief. IntaSend has ensured that by offering cheaper transfer rates on transfer charges.

M-Pesa STK Push

Sending bulk payments is not the only thing you can do with this M-Pesa payment API. The B2B option is a perk. One of the other perks includes the easy setup of the popular M-Pesa STK push. Thankfully, IntaSend supports the M-Pesa Express STK push, which can be used to send STK push requests to your clients. You can even add a secure form on your website for users to add phone numbers and pay, thanks to the JavaScript SDK tool.

Use Cases of M-Pesa B2B API

Having a good payment system that works for B2B businesses is a blessing. One of the benefits of having a reliable payment system is that you can easily send payments to your clients and employees without breaking a sweat. However, you may not know how much a good B2B API system can do for you if you’re unfamiliar with some use cases. If you’re wondering how M-Pesa B2B API integration can help your business grow, check out the following use cases;

Suppliers payments

If you regularly need to send payments to your suppliers, you need a good B2B payment system. With a B2B API integration, you can send payments to thousands of suppliers from a single request. Think of how much money you can save, not to mention the time and effort this can save you. The IntaSend M-Pesa B2B API will allow you to process up to 5000 transactions in a single request. It also helps reduce the errors associated with sending out payments manually. It’s a win-win situation at the end of the day.

Loan disbursements

Big establishments that are also loan providers prefer to send funds directly to business accounts rather than personal accounts, especially when they’re funding multiple accounts at a time. These companies can save a lot of transfer charges, as B2B payments are usually cheaper than B2C or any other transfer type.

Multi-vendor payments

Marketplaces with a large vendor-based community can save much money on transaction fees by adopting a B2B payment system to disburse payments to vendors on the platform. For example, a big company like Jumia allows vendors to add their business accounts for payment settlements. This way, the company will save a lot of money. The system allows bulk payments to be sent so that you can settle thousands of vendors with a single click.

Loan repayments

If a business repays a loan, it would prefer to send the money directly to the loan provider’s business account. Besides being the standard procedure, the process saves time, money, and effort. No complications; this is one of the many advantages of having a B2B API integration for your business.

Rentals management

Businesses in the rental sector also prefer to settle landlords from payment collections directly to business accounts/paybill. This may be the least usage of the B2B API integration. Nevertheless, it plays a huge role in the company’s growth and relevance because it will spend less time, money, and effort on settlements. If you're in this sector, you should consider adopting the B2B payment system.

Why The B2B API Integration Is Important

Most folks won’t adopt a proper B2B API integration even if they run a B2B business model until they see the need for it. Rightly so, people only need that nudge to wake up and make the necessary move. If you’re still unsure about why you need a quality B2B payment system, check below;

No limits

One thing people love about B2B payments is that they have no limits. Personal accounts don’t enjoy this, as some of them may only transact up to 300k daily. A business account can hold up to 100 million, so there’s no limit to how much can be received or sent. Sometimes, you may be involved in a transaction that involves millions. Not being able to go through with it because of the transaction limit will be disheartening and is not worth it.

Good accountability

Mixing your personal account with a business account will only result in one thing if you’re not disciplined enough; unaccountability. Having your business account separated from your personal account aids good accountability.

B2B Business Models

B2B business models are thriving so much these days. This is because the barriers to entry are much lower than before, so it's easier to start a B2B business. Additionally, there's a growing demand for B2B services, as more and more businesses are looking for ways to outsource their non-core functions. This creates many opportunities for B2B businesses to grow and succeed.

Many factors are responsible for this sudden spurt in growth. The prime reason is the increased awareness levels and understanding of the businesses. The other reason is that customers are willing to pay for the value they perceive in the product or service. Quality and customization are two other important factors that have contributed to the growth of B2B businesses.

This is because technology makes it easier for businesses to connect and engage with each other. There are a lot of benefits that businesses can get by using the B2B model. One of the benefits is that it can help businesses to save a lot of money. The other benefit is that it can help businesses access a wider range of products and services.


Running a business can be difficult, especially if it is online and you frequently interact with many people. Even worse is the B2B model. Since you're not interacting with consumers directly, engaging with other firms might be extremely intimidating. Even when it comes time to send payments out, you'll get even more frustrated. Suppliers, distributors, and employees can all lose their cool if you don't have a robust system that handles your task. You shouldn’t even take that chance because manually carrying out this task can result in many errors, which is not good for business. A solid B2B API integration system can facilitate your ability to complete this work without any hitches. Payment automation will be incredibly useful for you, especially if you deal with many people. The IntaSend M-Pesa B2B API integration has been deconstructed in this paper. All you need to get started is an account, which you can create here. To learn more about the M-Pesa B2B API, check here.

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