How to Pay for Netflix in Kenya

May 30th, 2023 by Felix Cheruiyot

How to pay for Netflix in Kenya 5

If you're bored with what Dstv is serving up, Netflix has shows and movies to watch for days. Learn how to pay for Netflix in Kenya and instantly expand your TV viewing choices.

Does it feel like you are the only one at your workplace without Netflix?

Well, if you can't stop them talking about this or that character or this or that series, join the conversation. Sign up for your own Netflix subscription.

It's pretty easy to do. And Netflix is cheaper than it's ever been.

This article will teach you how to pay for Netflix in Kenya. If you need a Visa or Mastercard to use, we will share a quick way to get one.

You have a lot to explore on Netflix and find your own favourite show to recommend the next time Netflix comes up in conversation, so let's get started.

What is Netflix and how does it work?

How to sign up for Netflix in Kenya (2)

Netflix is a subscription-based video streaming service that allows you to watch various TV shows, documentaries, and movies using an internet-connected TV set, smartphone, computer, or video console.

Once you sign up and pay your subscription, you can watch anything you want on Netflix by signing into your account.

One of the biggest attractions of Netflix is that you can watch as much as you want, anytime. Netflix now also allows you to download a show or movie to your device and watch it on the go without an internet connection. So you can take Netflix with you on your journeys.

While Netflix has hundreds of shows and movies, what you can watch depends on your region. This means there are some movies and shows that a Netflix subscriber in the USA can watch that you can't access in Kenya.

As well as recommending popular shows in your region, Netflix allows you to create profiles for every member of the family who will be watching on your subscription.

Adding the ages of the different profiles helps Netflix recommend age-appropriate content, which helps to protect kids from violent and sexually explicit content. So you can have separate profiles and content for mum, dad, and every child.

Besides the old TV shows and movies you may be familiar with, Netflix's library also includes original content that the company produces.

How to pay for Netflix in Kenya

Netflix is a paid-subscription service. You must pay a subscription to access its extensive shows, documentaries, and movies library. Netflix only

Your Netflix subscription will last a month and expires one month after your subscription date.

Unless you cancel your subscription, and as long as you've enough funds in your Visa or Mastercard, your Netflix account automatically renews on your subscription date.

If you cancel, Netflix will keep your account on hold for 10 months, after which they will permanently delete it.

To watch Netflix for the first time, you must sign up for an account and pay a subscription. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Go to the Netflix Kenya website.

How to sign up for Netflix

Enter the email address you want to use for your Netflix account to get started.

You will see this:

How to sign up for Netflix in kenya

Click Next.

How to sign up for Neflix in Kenya 1

Click Next again.

2. Choose a plan

You can choose from 4 packages - premium, standard, basic, and mobile- costing KES 1,100, KES 700, KES 300, and KES 200, respectively. That's how much you pay for Netflix in Kenya.

3. Choose a payment method.

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You have a choice between Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. And while you cannot use your M-Pesa mobile wallet, you can use your use your M-Pesa GlobalPay virtual Visa card or IntaSend virtual MasterCard or Visa card to pay for Netflix online.

Need a Visa or Mastercard? In a minute or so, we will share a quick way to obtain a virtual Visa or Mastercard card that you can use to pay for Netflix subscriptions and other online payments.

4. Set up your debit card.

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Netflix will save your card information so the subscription plan can automatically renew on your subscription date. You can only remove the credit or debit card if you add a funded card or cancel the subscription.

5. Set up profiles

Set up profiles

Netflix allows you to add 4 more profiles for people in your home besides yours. Netflix uses these profiles to make recommendations tailored to every member's tastes and language preferences.

You will then be asked to add age to the different profiles so Netflix can recommend age-appropriate content.

For example, by specifying that your 3-year-old daughter will be watching when you sign in, Netflix will only show content rated for her age.

6. Choose a language.

Set up ages for the different profiles

Netflix uses English as the default language. If you prefer a different language, you can change it here. Click Next when done.

And you are all signed up. You can start watching that series you have heard so much about.

How much do you pay for Netflix in Kenya?

Netflix costs KES 1,100, KES 700, KES 300, and KES 200 for the Premium, Standard, Basic, and Mobile subscription plans.

How to sign up for Neflix in Kenya 2

Your Netflix subscription price depends on the streaming quality. For example, a premium subscription plan, which is the most expensive, has the best streaming quality - 4K and HDR.

Except for the mobile plan, where you can only watch on your mobile phone and tablet, you can watch on your smart TV, computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

Netflix differs from the digital terrestrial television platform, Dstv, whose subscription tiers are priced on the number and specific channels a bouquet offers.

On Netflix, you can access the same shows, movies, documentaries, and anime on whatever device you are watching. But you can only watch from one device at a time.

How do you pay for Netflix in Kenya?

You must use a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit or debit card to pay for Netflix in Kenya. At least not directly; you cannot pay for Netflix using M-Pesa.

Does that mean you must apply and wait until your bank orders and sends you the Visa card before you sign up for Netflix and start bingeing on the that hit Netflix original series your colleague can't stop talking about?

Not if you have an IntaSend account:

How to get a virtual Visa card in Kenya

Several banks offer Visa cards in Kenya. However, you must apply for these cards and wait for the bank to print them.

A virtual card, though, does not have to be printed. Since it is not physically existing, it can be issued online. That means you don't have to wait days to get it and start using it online.

How to get a virtual Visa card in Kenya

With an existing IntaSend account, you can get a virtual Visa or Mastercard debit card in minutes.

How to get a virtual Visa card in Kenya 1

Your IntaSend virtual Visa or Mastercard works the same way as a regular physical card if you use it to pay for things online. So other than paying for Netflix, you can use it to pay for Facebook Ads, Amazon shopping, and an Uber ride.

How to get a virtual Visa card in Kenya 3

The IntaSend virtual Visa and Mastercard debit cards have no maintenance fee. You only pay a small set-up fee and nominal transaction fees. You can fund your virtual account in several ways, including through a bank transfer and M-Pesa transfer.

You can manage your virtual card online. For example, if you notice unauthorised charges on the card, you can freeze it by logging into your account. Or you can change the PIN or apply for a new one.

Do more with your money with the IntaSend virtual Visa or Mastercard.

Because you work hard for your money, you must have as many ways to enjoy it. That includes spoiling yourself and your loved ones, shopping your favourite online stores and bingeing on Netflix series.

Whatever you need to pay online, the IntaSend virtual Visa or Mastercard is all you need. You can fund it with just enough money for what you want to pay for or spend online for that month, which helps you maintain tighter control over your spending.

Sign up for IntaSend, request a virtual Visa or Mastercard debit card, and open up a whole new world of online entertainment, learning, and shopping.

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