Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

May 15th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot

Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

IntaSend provides the best payment gateway for WooCommerce. Why WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a great open-source tool for building e-commerce stores for businesses. Built as a plugin for WordPress and used by millions, WooCommerce has grown to become one of the best and most recognizable choices for building all kinds of e-commerce websites. Over 28% of e-commerce sites worldwide use WooCommerce. 

If you own a business and need an online or e-commerce store, WooCommerce is one of your best bets. This article will show you the advantage of using WooCommerce to power your online store, along with the best payment gateway for your WooCommerce store.  If you would like to go directly to our product features and support for WooCommerce, feel free to scroll down to the IntaSend Payment Gateway for WooCommerce section in this article.

Advantages of using WooCommerce 

WooCommerce has several features that make it one of the fastest-growing e-commerce store builders in the world.  


WooCommerce is free to use. So, you can build a simple e-commerce store for your business using WooCommerce without worrying about payment or anything. You only pay for addons that bring extra features to your e-commerce store.

Ease of setting up 

WooCommerce is very easy to set up. All you have to do is to log in to your WordPress admin panel and download the plugin. Install the plugin, and voila! You have WooCommerce. No complicated setup and no extra fees. Everything is made easy.  

Easily customizable 

WooCommerce is easily customizable, and many things can be tweaked to what you like. You could easily change the storefront appearance, item layout, checkout display, etc. You also have access to various themes and templates that can get you what you want without you doing much. There are thousands of WooCommerce themes available in third-party stores. You can easily buy and apply these themes to your e-commerce store. 

So there is something for you whether you want to create an online food ordering business or an online language tutorial site, or a platform for selling your digital ebooks. There is something for everyone regardless of your needs.   

Your website belongs to you with WooCommerce

Some other e-commerce site provides your eCommerce store as a service and not an intellectual property that belongs to you. That is not so for WooCommerce. With WooCommerce, the website is 100% your own, and you can do whatever you want with it. 

Effective mobile app

WooCommerce has a nifty mobile app on both Android and iOS that is highly useful for managing stores on the go. With these apps, users can access many features even if they are not with their PC. 

Several extensions and plugins

Another major advantage of WooCommerce is that it has several plugins and extensions that can change your e-commerce store outlook and functionality. WooCommerce’s developer community is very strong, and more plugins and extensions are added regularly.

For example, WooCommerce supports the Ajax plugin that allows e-commerce stores to cut down site loading times and improve overall user experience. With this plugin, your customers can add items to their cart without reloading the website. You will experience increased sales with this plugin. 

Easy integration of payment gateway 

Payment gateways can easily be implemented on WooCommerce. The right payment gateway will enable you to receive money easily from anyone in any country worldwide. A payment gateway will make transactions seamless and bring depth and professionalism to your business.  

Source code provided 

You have access to the source code of any e-commerce site that you build using WooCommerce. So, you can tweak the code and implement some additional things that you need. 

Support for subscription-based businesses

WooCommerce supports subscription-based businesses. So, if you run a business whereby your clients and customers have to pay a periodic subscription fee to access your services, WooCommerce is perfect for you.  

eBay, Amazon, Google, and Walmart store synchronization and management 

WooCommerce has features for managing eBay and Amazon orders. You can integrate your eBay and Amazon goods, orders, and sales to your WooCommerce store, thus managing everything under a convenient dashboard. WooCommerce also supports integration with Walmart and Google. You can also sync inventory across all platforms.    

Support for Digital stores 

WooCommerce supports digital stores for the sales of digital products like ebooks, tutorials, documents, audio, and other files. If you sell digital products and have been looking for an e-commerce platform to build your digital storefront, look no further than WooCommerce. 

Smart product management and SEO-ranking tools  

WooCommerce supports smart product management features and tools like product importation and exportation, statistics, product stock control, and a smart editor for adding products. WooCommerce supports the easy integration of payment gateways to your e-commerce store. You can also add alternative payment checkout systems like Amazon Pay. WooCommerce has an integrated feature that allows you to book shipping down for orders immediately after they are made and processed.     

Furthermore, you can get your products to rank higher on Google with smart engine optimization features like meta-tagging, SEO URLs, site maps, RSS feeds, and HTML cataloging. A significant percentage of website traffic comes from search engines, and it is imperative that you use WooCommerce so your website can rank higher on Google Search and you get more sales. No other e-commerce service provider does search engine optimization as well as WooCommerce.    

Customer-centric features

WooCommerce supports other customer-centric features like product image enlargement, newest products highlights, membership discounts, featured products, popular products, product reviews, product ratings, newsletters, testimonials, polls, polls, gifting, gift certificates, wish listing purchases, social bookmarking, site map, coupons, reward points, special offers, membership categories, shipment tracking integration and more.

All these features and more make WooCommerce a top choice for anyone building an e-commerce store for their business. 

What is a WooCommerce Payment Gateway? 

A fundamental aspect of e-commerce stores built with WooCommerce is the payment gateway. A payment gateway is a tool for processing payments for e-commerce stores. The payment gateway acts as an intermediary between the e-commerce store and the payment option used by the customer, be it PayPal, credit card, or cryptocurrency. Payment gateways link several payment systems and methods under one system.  

Payment gateways are an integral aspect of any online store. The payment gateway you choose for your WooCommerce store can make or mar your business.

What are the must-have features for a WooCommerce Payment Gateway?

The following are the features that a WooCommerce payment gateway must have. 


The most important feature that a good WooCommerce payment gateway should have is security. Both the customer and the business funds must be secure. There should be no fear of data breaches and any security issues. The best WooCommerce payment gateways are PCI-DSS compliant.    

Round the clock availability 

A good WooCommerce payment gateway must be available 24/7 with no downtown. Starting a digital e-commerce site opens your business to countries worldwide, with people placing orders from multiple time zones. There should be no downtime or outage. The payment gateway should be reliable and work as it should at all times.   

Multi-currency acceptance 

A good WooCommerce payment gateway must be able to accept payments regardless of the currency that the purchaser of the goods wants to pay with. So, there should be support for dollars, euros, pounds, and all kinds of foreign currencies. 

Support for diverse payment methods 

A good WooCommerce payment gateway should support multiple forms of payment. Customers should be able to pay with credit cards, cryptocurrency, Mobile money (M-Pesa), PayPal, etc. All kinds of debit cards must be supported, be it VISA or Master Card. The more the payment options that a payment gateway supports, the more sales you’ll make.   Check out IntaSend Pay with Bitcoin support.

Reasonable transaction fees 

The transaction fees charged by your payment gateway of choice must be reasonable. The transaction fees differ for each payment gateway, but most of them deduct a certain percentage for each transaction processed through the gateway. You might also get a better deal once the volume of transactions you process through the payment gateway increases. The percentage fee must be reasonable and fair.  

Minimal service charges

The payment gateway should charge minimal service charges. So, setup fees, account maintenance fees, card subscription, renewal fees, and others should be kept to a minimum. Some payment gateways will overburden you with ridiculous charges. Some also have hidden fees that they do not tell you about before you begin to use them. Ensure that your WooCommerce payment gateway provider is as transparent as possible when making inquiries about their services. There should not be hidden details.   

Availability in your location 

The ability to accept payments in local currency is a feature that is highly sought after by customers of any online store. Once your store doesn’t support transactions in their local currency, they will begin to look for alternatives. 

The payment gateway you select for your WooCommerce store must be available in your region and country.   

Strict regulatory compliance 

WooCommerce must have strict regulatory compliance and must adhere exhaustively to all the land laws. All agreements are legally binding, and there should be no shortcuts or bypasses. Ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate company with no room for future compliance errors.     

Easy and fast refunds  

A good payment gateway should offer fast, and easy refunds should anything go wrong with transactions on the WooCommerce site.

IntaSend Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

IntaSend has built the best payment gateway for WooCommerce. With IntaSend, WooCommerce stores can receive funds through various credit card payment systems along with M-Pesa and other payment schemes.  IntaSend has several features which unequivocally make it the best for WooCommerce. 


The following features make Intasend the best payment gateway for WooCommerce. 

PCI-DSS Compliance 

Intend is fully PCI-DSS compliant. PCI-DSS compliance is an international security standard for payment processors and merchants. It ensures the privacy and security of customers' data. The standard governs security policies, protocols, standards, and technologies. It ensures that customers can shop and make payments online without any security issues. 

Sandbox available

Intend has a sandbox mode where you can test the features of their payment gateway. So, before you decide to start using Intasend, you can check out all their features and see how useful they are. The sandbox is available for anyone, and you don’t have to pay a dime before checking it out. 

Fast and easy integration 

Intend payment gateway is fast and easy to integrate. You can implement the plugin and API very fast and begin to use them quickly. No unnecessary back and forth. Anyone can integrate the API and plugin on their WooCommerce site even if they aren’t tech-savvy. 

The helpful and readily accessible customer service agent 

Intend customer service is handled by smart, professional people who are ready to go beyond for you just to see you satisfied. Intend customer service is readily available and attentive to your needs.  

Activation of the Intasend payment gateway

Best Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Here is a basic breakdown of what it takes to activate Intasend as a payment gateway on your WooCommerce site. This breakdown is quite brief as Intasend’s website contains a more comprehensive guide along with a helpful, short video.  Here is a full step-by-step guide on IntaSend integration with WooCommerce.

You simply download the zip file of the plugin, which is less than 1 MB. Log in to your WordPress admin and upload the zip file containing the plugin. Click on "Activate plugin," and you are good to go. 

Now you’ll see the plugin under the payments section of your WooCommerce settings. Enable the Intasend Gateway and click on “manage” to complete the setup.

The next thing to do is to get your API from the Intasend website, then add it to your WooCommerce site along with your publishable key and your API token. 

Add some items to the cart of your WooCommerce site and attempt to checkout. Intend should show up as the payment method of choice. That's all.    

You can test the setup process with a demo account or go straight to using it with a live account. 

In addition to WooCommerce support, please check out our guide on how to add IntaSend to a Shopify store. Feel free to contact support for assistance. We'll be happy to assist and recommend the right solution for your business.

The easy activation and configuration of Intasend have made it a fast-rising preferred choice for many e-commerce stores that run on WooCommerce. No unnecessary back and forth to get things up and running. 

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