Shopify Payment Gateway - How To Receive Payments in Kenya

February 19th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


Do you own a Shopify store in Kenya and other parts of Africa and are you looking for a Shopify payment gateway or an easy and convenient way to process and receive payments on your Shopify store? If your answer to any questions is yes, this guide will answer your inquiries. 

Shopify is one of the best and most popular no-code eCommerce platforms in the world. It allows anyone to set up an eCommerce store easily and start selling to customers worldwide. Setting up your store is one thing. Receiving money on it is another. This article will show you the best way to process payments and receive them on your online store using the best payment gateway for Shopify. 

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is an eCommerce application service that processes all sorts of payments for eCommerce stores and other online businesses. It acts as a gateway or an intermediary between a paying customer and a business. It facilitates safe, secure financial payments. It processes the flow of information between a bank or a payment processor and the e-commerce website.

A Shopify payment gateway is the best way to receive payment in Kenya's Shopify store. Customers can make payments easily, and merchants can receive payments without hitches. The whole payment process takes place seamlessly without the seller having to lift a hand or monitor the process. Multiple buyers can make payments at the same time, and all the payments would go through. 

Advantages of receiving payments through a verified payment gateway on your Shopify Store

The following are the advantages of using a certified payment gateway to receive payment on your Shopify store. 

Minimal delays 

When you use a Shopify payment gateway, you minimize delays and process transactions faster. Gone are the days of waiting to receive a bank alert or wire transfer before processing customer orders. Everything is automated and in real-time, so you can process orders faster and make more money.   

Seamless payment processing 

Payment processing is seamless when you use an official Shopify mpesa integration gateway. You don't need to confirm anything or call your bank for multiple checks. Everything is done for you, whether you are online or offline. You only need to follow up on the order later. 


Your personal and confidential information is secured with a Shopify payment gateway. You don't need to reveal your bank account details, phone number, and other personal information. The payment gateway handles all that for you, so customers do not have to input personal details on their mobile phones or computer.  

Fraud management 

Payment gateways can help with fraud detection and management. Payment gateways often have fraud detection schemes that can prevent you from falling victim to fraud. If you are handling payment yourself, you won’t be able to do this.   

Fast and easy setup

You can easily set up and integrate your Shopify store with the payment gateway using simple API integration. You need just one install of the approved app to integrate with every payment provider. This will save a lot of time.   

Multi-source payment facilitation 

Payment gateways allow you to accept payment from various sources, including Shopify mpesa, VISA card, MASTER card, mobile money, etc. The payment options should be those that your potential customers will likely use.   

Accept payment through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

A modern e-commerce store should accept payment through Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment scheme that uses the Blockchain to verify and process payments. Crypto is the present and future of payments. If you want to position your business for the future, use a payment gateway to facilitate cryptocurrency payments on your Shopify store.   

A lot of payment gateways will ensure that the exact crypto value of the item to be purchased is tied to a stable currency and converted in real-time to protect you from the volatility of crypto assets. This feature has allayed the fears of several vendors who are scared of accepting cryptocurrency payments due to their volatile nature. Now you get the full value for your merchandise regardless of how the value of a cryptocurrency fluctuates.        

One API for all kinds of payment 

Payment gateways receive payments from M-Pesa, mobile money, Visa, Mastercard, and cryptocurrency without having to implement multiple protocols or set up extra things. A simple API will facilitate all these various kinds of payment.

What to look out for before selecting a payment gateway provider for your Shopify Store

The following are the top features that you should look out for before selecting a payment gateway provider: 


You need a payment gateway provider that works fine for your location and the location where most of your customers are based. Shopify has different accredited payment gateways for each geographical region.   

Many payout schemes 

A good payment gateway allows you to receive your money to your M-Pesa account or your bank account. You should also be able to send the money to other beneficiaries of your choice or pay bills.

Fast payout 

A good Shopify payment gateway allows for fast payout. For example, IntaSend offers instant withdrawals for M-Pesa and 2 days for bank account withdrawals. Gone are the days of you waiting for several days to receive your money.   

Overall customer experience 

Your customers should have a great experience when checking out from your store. They should be able to make payments for their items using whatever payment option is most convenient for them. The payment gateway should have the most widely used payment options. 

The user experience and user interface should be intuitive and smooth to use. They should be able to pay for their purchases without delay. A significant percentage of customers will abandon their cart and leave an e-commerce store if they get frustrated with the payment process. You do not want to lose money due to a poor Shopify mpesa payment gateway.   

Multi-currency payment facilitation 

The best payment gateway for Shopify can process multiple currencies from almost any country worldwide. So, you can receive money in your local currency, dollars, pounds, euros, and more. Several e-commerce stores have lost money due to their inability to accept payments from a wider range of people. Using a reliable Shopify payment gateway to process payment will open up your business to a lot of people.   

You must also consider the growth and expansion, and the potential of your business. You don't want your payment gateway to limit your business growth.  

Secured payment 

Payments facilitated using a payment gateway are secured, and there is no risk of you losing money to hackers and other nefarious people. A good payment gateway provider should be PCI DSS compliant to accept credit and debit cards from any provider. Ensure that you check this before selecting a payment gateway.    

Reasonable pricing 

The best payment gateway for Shopify should be reasonably priced. A good payment gateway should be free to install. Then they should charge less than 5% per transaction. The charges might vary depending on how many transactions or how much in total has been processed.

You should also check that the payment gateway provider has no hidden fees like chargeback fees, monthly fees, settlement fees, termination fees, minimum account fees, and more. Ask about these and any other charges before opting for a payment gateway.      

Fast account setup 

If you are a registered business, payment for your Shopify store should be set up and activated within 24 hours. There should be no delays from your payment provider as long as you provide all that is needed ASAP. Some terrible payment providers take several weeks to process the setup of your payment gateway.  

The setup process should be easy and devoid of many technicalities. It should be something that almost anyone should be able to get done even if they don't have any coding experience.  

24/7 customer service 

The customer service should be readily available to answer all your inquiries and resolve any issue you have with Shopify mpesa payments on your Shopify store.  

Transaction reports 

Shopify mpesa integration should come with transaction reports that will give a clear periodic breakdown of payments processed. This will go a long way in managing your business finances and making needed adjustments to your business. 

Payment notification 

If you are duly registered as a business, your payment gateway should be able to give you payment notifications for all payments made for goods on your Shopify store.  

The best Shopify payment gateway for receiving payments on your Shopify Store

Shopify has partnered with various payment gateways and providers around the globe to process and enable payments for vendors worldwide. The best payment gateway for Shopify in Kenya and East Africa is Intasend. Intasend allows for Shopify mpesa integration along with other kinds of payment methods that customers can conveniently use to pay money for purchases. This allows everyone to pay using their local currency promptly and efficiently.       

How to set up an IntaSend payment gateway for your Shopify Store

Here is a descriptive guide that will show you how to set up an Intasend payment gateway for your Shopify store. It is a very simple and easy process. Intasend uses an API to automate and process payments. This guide will show you how to install the API and get your Shopify store fully working with Intasend.     

Step 1: Register on 

The first step to take is to register at IntaSend. Registration is seamless and free—register using your email address and phone number.  

Step 2: Go to your Shopify store and install Intasend Shopify App to your Shopify Store.  

The next step to take is to install the Intasend Shopify app in your store. Visit the website “,” then select the Add button.  

An installation verification page will come up. Click on “Install App” to install the Shopify app. 

Step 3: Setup page 

A setup page will come up. Select “Click here to complete setup.” Following that, you will be asked to enter the phone number you used to set up your Intasend account. You will also be asked to enter your Public key and your API token. You can find these under the account, then settings, then API keys. 

The API key will be revealed just once, so you have to copy it to a safe, private place after generating it.

Once you enter all those information, click on “Submit.”  

Step 4: Select payment options and click on Activate button 

Select the right payment options that you want to enable on your Shopify store. Enable test mode if you want. Following that, click on “Activate Intasend Payment Gateway.”

Congrats! Now you have activated the Intasend Shopify payment gateway on your Shopify store. 

Visit here for a more descriptive guide on setting up an Intasend payment gateway on your Shopify store. This YouTube video will also help.   

How to test the Intasend payment gateway for your Shopify Store

If you so wish, you can test the payment gateway before your real customers start using it.   Here are the steps to take to test the Intasend payment gateway for your Shopify Store.  

  1. Select test mode from settings on the Intasend website. 
  2. Generate a test key from IntaSend Sandbox
  3. Go to your Shopify store and install the Intasend API using the steps previously mentioned above. Use the keys provided by the Intasend Sandbox instead of using the keys provided for your live account. 
  4. Now you can test demo payments using the test cards from the testing page.  

KYC check 

Note that you will be asked to complete a KYC process. Only necessary questions will be asked. This is a good way to comply with government legal requirements and to ensure that the business is legit and not fraudulent. The KYC process also allows them to know-how

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