How to Pay Freelancers in Kenya

December 16th, 2022 by Felix Cheruiyot


Learn how to pay freelancers in Kenya with ease. This guide covers the different payment methods available to freelancers and tips for ensuring secure and timely payments. 

The freelance market in Africa has seen significant growth in recent years as more and more regional workers are turning to independent freelance work to make a living. According to a recent study by CXC Global, the number of freelancers in Africa is expected to increase by 20% over the next two decades. Most of these workers come from Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.

A recent report by Payoneer also shows that Africa controls 10.1% of the global freelance market, accounting for millions of freelancers in the global freelance workforce. As the continent’s unemployment rates continue to rise, freelancing has become a vital source of income for many Africans. The fact that people have turned to freelance work to make a living for themselves has been a positive thing in Africa despite freelancers' challenges. It continues to be thrown in the air that freelancing in Africa will never reach its true potential. Still, with the growth the industry has experienced in the past few years, you would be making a big mistake if you bet against the market's growth in the coming years.

One of the main drivers of this growth has been the increasing availability of internet connectivity and technology in the region. As more people in Africa have access to the internet and smartphones, they can connect with clients and find work online more easily. This has allowed African workers to tap into global markets and compete for jobs on a level playing field with workers from other parts of the world.

Another factor contributing to the growth of the freelance market in Africa is the rising cost of living in the region. Many workers find that traditional employment is no longer sufficient to cover their basic needs and are turning to freelance work to supplement their income. A recent survey found that nearly 60% of African freelancers cited earning extra income as their primary motivation for choosing freelance work.

The growth of the freelance market in Africa has also had a positive impact on the broader economy. Freelance workers can often work flexible hours and choose their clients, making them more productive and efficient. This has helped to boost productivity and economic growth in the region. Additionally, the rise of the freelance market has created new opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Africa, who can hire skilled freelancers to help them grow their businesses.

Overall, the freelance market in Africa has seen significant growth in recent years and is expected to expand in the coming years. This growth has brought new opportunities and increased economic activity to the region and has helped improve the lives of many African workers.

Tips For Freelancers to Receive Timely and Secure Payments

Here are some tips for freelancers to receive their payments securely and timely:

Use a secure payment platform

Freelancers should use a secure payment platform like IntaSend to receive their payments. This will help protect their financial information and prevent fraud. As a freelancer, it is important to have complete control over one's finances and ensure payments are received promptly.

A secure payment platform such as IntaSend helps to ensure that all payments are safely and securely processed and delivered. Moreover, freelancers can rest assured that their financial information is kept safe from potentially malicious actors.

Using a secure payment platform is essential for freelancers to receive payments promptly while protecting their financial information from potential threats. Other than IntaSend, there are other online payment processing services. Comparing services before selecting one is important to ensure that the chosen platform is secure and offers the best rates.

Use a contract

Freelancers should always use a contract when working with clients. The contract should outline the scope of work, payment terms, and other important details. This will help ensure that both parties are clear on their obligations and can avoid misunderstandings. A contract also serves as a legal document, providing evidence that could be useful in a dispute.

Furthermore, a contract helps to protect both the freelancer and the client should any legal issues arise. If the client fails to pay on time, the freelancer can use the contract as a reference to receive payment promptly. Without a contract, freelancers may not receive payments on time or at all or face disputes and disagreements with the client.

A contract also provides more security and protection for the freelancer in case of any problems or issues. It is important to note that all contracts should be reviewed by both parties and signed before any work begins. This will provide a record of both parties’ agreement to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Set clear payment terms

Freelancers should set clear payment terms with their clients, including the amount due and the payment due date. This will help ensure they are paid on time and avoid delays or misunderstandings.

As freelancers, setting payment terms is key to providing clarity to their clients. Moreover, it helps freelancers manage their finances more effectively and ensures they are adequately compensated for their work.

Establishing appropriate payment terms helps freelancers establish professional relationships with their clients. Having clear payment terms in place will give freelancers a sense of security, knowing they can receive payment for the work they have completed.

Invoice promptly and accurately

Freelancers should invoice their clients promptly and accurately. This will help ensure that they are paid promptly and avoid any disputes. Most clients expect freelancers to submit invoices promptly and accurately. By submitting invoices quickly, the freelancer can get paid in the shortest amount of time.

It's also important for freelancers to ensure that their invoices have all the necessary details, such as their name, services rendered, and the total amount due. If the invoice is incomplete or inaccurate, it can lead to a delay in payment or even a dispute with the client. Freelancing can be a great way to make money, but if freelancers are not diligent in submitting invoices, they can easily miss out on timely payments.

Freelancers must understand the importance of invoicing promptly and accurately, as it is their only way of getting paid for their work. Having an invoice that is complete and clear can reduce the time it takes to process payments and ensure the freelancer gets the money they are owed. Invoicing also allows freelancers to track their payments and keep a record of their income.

Communicate with clients

Freelancers should communicate with their clients regularly to keep them informed of the project's progress and to address any concerns or issues that may arise. This will help build trust and foster a good working relationship. It is also important to ensure that clients understand the stipulations associated with the payment process. For example, they should be aware of payment deadlines and what forms of payment are accepted. It is also important to ensure that all expectations are clear.

Freelancers should communicate any changes or updates in the project timeline and discuss any potential risks that may arise beforehand. This will help to keep projects on track and prevent any delays in payment. If payment is not received in accordance with the agreed-upon timeline, freelancers should open a dialogue with their clients to clarify the situation.

Follow up on overdue payments

If clients do not pay on time, freelancers should follow up to remind them of their payment obligations. They can also consider using a collection agency or taking legal action if necessary. Not only does this help secure their income, but it can also help establish a sense of professionalism. Following up on late payments also helps to protect freelancers from clients who neglect to pay at all.

Being courteous when following up and communicating the consequences of not receiving payment is important. An airtight contract outlining payment terms, such as when payments are due, helps protect a freelancer’s rights. This document should include a description of the services provided and the rates associated with them. Lastly, providing a detailed invoice that separates the charges can help facilitate payment.

Protect your personal information

Freelancers should protect their personal information, such as their bank account number and ID number. They should avoid sharing this information with clients or anyone else unless necessary. If a client requests this information, the freelancer must verify the legitimacy of the request.

This can be done by verifying the identity or credentials of the client, as well as confirming that the payment methods used are safe and secure. Furthermore, freelancers should never share their passwords with anyone, regardless of who they work with. Keeping personal information secure is essential to protect against fraudulent activities or thefts of identity and funds.

IntaSend - the Best Way To Get Paid in Kenya

Online payments in Kenya have skyrocketed in the past few years as the country is now one of the leading countries in terms of the usage of mobile money and digital payments. IntaSend has played a key role in that development, serving thousands of freelancers and helping them get paid in the easiest way possible, even from international clients. The payment provider offers freelancers many ways to get paid, including credit and debit cards, Bitcoin, bank transfers, ACH, and mobile money. With state-of-the-art security measures and PCI-DSS compliance, IntaSend is the best way to get paid in Kenya. Let’s explore some of the benefits of using IntaSend below;

Multiple ways to get paid

With IntaSend, customers can take advantage of ACH, bank transfers, mobile money, and card payments. This means that customers have access to a range of payment solutions to suit their needs, no matter the size of their business, which is particularly helpful for freelancers.

Support for freelancers and unregistered businesses

For businesses seeking a cost-effective, reliable way to send and receive payments, IntaSend is the perfect solution. It is a unique service that provides payment services to freelancers and unregistered businesses. With IntaSend, businesses can easily send and receive funds for their services without the stress of registering their businesses. 

IntaSend also provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to track their payments and transactions easily. IntaSend offers a suite of features to make collecting payments easier, including digital invoicing, payment links, and currency conversion. These features provide an essential bridge between those freelancing or operating unregistered businesses and potential customers or clients.

PCI-DSS compliance

IntaSend is proudly PCI-DSS compliant, giving customers a secure payment experience. We understand the importance of data security and customer confidence in online transactions. Our products are designed to meet the latest standards, including PCI-DSS compliance, and we are constantly monitoring the security landscape to ensure that our systems are up-to-date. Our customer's peace of mind is our top priority, and we take every measure necessary to protect their sensitive financial information.

Bitcoin support

IntaSend also allows merchants and freelancers to get paid in Bitcoin, thanks to the “pay with Bitcoin”feature on the platform. It is one of the most popular features on IntaSend. To access this feature, you must enable it on your dashboard, after which you’ll be given a QR code that contains your Bitcoin address. You can decide to share this QR code with your customers or clients, copy the wallet address, and share it directly via email or text.

24/7 customer support

IntaSend has always prided itself on providing customers with quality and reliable service. To ensure that our customers have the best experience possible, we offer 24/7 customer support and live chat features. Our customer service team is always available to help with any problems or questions. With our fast response times and knowledgeable agents, we will ensure your needs are taken care of as quickly as possible.


IntaSend offers an efficient and affordable way for small businesses and freelancers to get paid without stress. The good part is that registration is free. If you don’t already have an account, click here to create one. If you’re a freelancer or operate an unregistered business, choose “Unregistered” as your business type. This way, you don’t have to upload any documents to register. It will only take a while for the IntaSend team to verify your identity and activate your account. You can then start using your account to send and receive payments.

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