Send money and create your own payment workflow

IntaSend is the way you make a single payment or bulk payments to any network faster and at an affordable rate.

How it works

Add beneficiaries

Input a single recipient or upload your pre-prepared payment file - Excel format

Preview and authorize

Confirm if your payment list is correct before sending


Authorize IntaSend to make payment and generate reports for book keeping.

Supported Payment Methods


and many more


Bulk Payment

Send to many recipients in one request

No maintenance fee

Pay for only what you use i.e per transaction.

Safe and secure

Bank level security and inbuilt fraud prevention mechanisms.

24/7 Customer support

We are always here to help. Email, phone, and call support.

Multiple Network Support

Send money to any mobile network in Kenya.

Managed Payment

We handle duplicate checks, exceptions, and retries on your behalf.

Join 500+ businesses using IntaSend

We make it easier for you to focus on building a great product while we work on simplifying your payments. Become one of us by joining hundreds of our happy users and simplify the online payment experience for your customers.

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