How To Build a Website That Makes Money Without Any Coding

December 6th, 2021 by Felix Cheruiyot

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In this guide, we have put together the best platforms that enable you to build a website that makes money without any coding. Before we get to the nitty-gritty, you must have an idea for your business. Please check our previous post on the best online ideas that you can start today.

A no-code platform is an interface that allows users to build web apps, software, and applications without coding experience. Hence, the name "no-code." No-code platforms have easy drag and drop or one-click features that can be used to build an app without code easily. They use simple graphical user interfaces as opposed to traditional computer programming needed for building apps and websites.

Entrepreneurs and businesses have used these platforms to develop apps without code. This has transformed the software and business world, and analysts expect no-code creators to outnumber traditional developers in the future. You can use these no-code platforms to build an e-commerce store for your business. Here are the top no-code platforms for your e-commerce and SaaS startup. is a no-code platform that allows anyone to make an app without code. It has been used by over one million people worldwide and counting. You can use it to build anything from an inventory management system to a ride-sharing app to social media sites like Facebook and more. It allows you to build a web app with no code within hours instead of taking several years to do so. supports swift collaboration by allowing anyone on the company’s staff to make changes to the apps, and not just the development team alone. It’s that easy to use. And the best part about it? You can scale up easily as needed without needing to worry about supporting architecture like cloud servers, caching engine, SQL query optimization, onsite infrastructure, processing power, memory, creating multiple hosts, adding loads, and more. The platform takes care of all these for you. Deployment and hosting are handled for you.

With Bubble, you do not need to know HTML, CSS, or any coding language. You can build the app and manage the database from within the platform. You can also make your web apps mobile-friendly easily. You can have as many users and store as much data as you please. Bubble handles a large volume of data without any hitches. With Bubble, you can implement APIs easily, add JavaScript plugins, and set up user accounts and password logins.

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Shopify is the most widely used e-commerce store builder in the world. Millions of e-commerce stores worldwide run on Shopify. Shopify is easily customizable and intuitive. You can easily build your e-commerce site with no coding experience on Shopify. Shopify has a dedicated app store with over 6000 apps that can integrate directly to Shopify. Shopify supports over 100 international payment gateways.

Shopify has potent marketing tools for creating, executing, and analyzing marketing campaigns for e-commerce stores. You can create a digital marketing campaign from Shopify and set an allotted periodic budget. Shopify’s intuitive digital marketing tools allow you to run email campaigns, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads right from the platform. You can track the results of your marketing campaigns via colorful dashboards and reports.

Shopify has an easy-to-use dashboard for managing orders, sales, inventory, and shipments. There is also a dedicated blog section for e-commerce sites looking to use SEO content strategies to boost their store sales. You can add tags, implement keywords, add product details, and use meta descriptions with Shopify blog section tools. Shopify is PCI compliant and comes with a 128-bit SSL certificate for every store. Stores have unlimited bandwidth with access to fast, global servers.

You also get free tools and free stock photos with Shopify. The free tools include a business name generator, a logo maker, a slogan maker, a domain name generator, domain lookup, video maker, QR code generator, barcode generator, business card maker, invoice generator, purchase order form generator, terms and conditions generator for all kinds of businesses and locations, refund policy generator, shipping label maker, image resizer, storefront sign maker, pay stub generator, business loan calculator, discount calculator, etc.

You can try Shopify free for 14 days without needing to enter your credit card info.


BigCommerce is a no-code open SaaS e-commerce development platform that allows users to build their e-commerce stores without any coding experience. The platform offers features like modern inventory management, connection with multiple payment services, integration of multiple shipping options, multi-currency support, multi-language support, customizable URLs, faceted search, easy API implementation, etc.

You can integrate any e-commerce store created on the platform with eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Clover, Square, and more. The platform also helps with analytics and insights from customer data that will transform the way you make business decisions. BigCommerce uses Google Cloud Platform for all round-the-clock uptime yearly and fast server response.

Boost your search engine optimization with SEO-friendly URLs, Metadata editing, and robots.txt editing. Build web app no code that has world-class themes with CSS, Javascript, and HTML built-in. Your data is backed up with two data centers and a third separate backup center for complete data integrity, so there is no room for data loss.

New users get a 30-day trial period to check out the features of the platform and explore it extensively. Your customers will love BigCommerce’s easy checkout feature and the smooth user experience that it has to offer. You tweak and customize your store checkout experience as you please with a server-to-server checkout SDK and API. BigCommerce is currently used by over 65,000 online stores in over 100 countries worldwide.


Swell is a no-code e-commerce building platform that allows anyone to build their e-commerce site. With Swell, you can implement APIs easily and tweak your storefront as you please. You also get an all-encompassing dashboard to manage your e-commerce store effectively. You can easily implement product options, variations, and tags with a simple click of a button. Checkout options can also be modified as you please.

You get a lot of storefront themes, webhooks, customizable data models, and fully managed infrastructure. Scale up your e-commerce store easily, thanks to the global CDN and autoscaling servers of Swell. Manufacturers can set up alternate accounts and tiers for retailers and wholesalers. Swell also supports integration with multiple apps and payment gateways.


Used by over 250,000 companies, AirTable is a no-code platform that anyone can use to build an app with no code. It has collaborative features that allow anyone across teams to make changes to apps that are being built. AirTable can build app without code like project tracker, content calendar, expense manager, etc.

AirTable works with spreadsheet cells and databases that can be edited as needed. Apps built with AirTable can sync data from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Github, Salesforce, and other platforms. You can integrate AirTable apps with other apps, websites, and services with its robust API support. You also get premade templates that can help with whatever you want to build.

WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress is the most widely used no-code content management system for building websites worldwide. WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform built on top of WordPress. It can be used to build all kinds of websites and e-commerce stores. It offers thousands of templates, themes, and plugins that can be used for your e-commerce store. WordPress plugins can be used to build apps without code. They transform WordPress into a tool capable of building all kinds of software applications, software systems, and SaaS products. Plugins can also be used for search engine optimization, client portals, and other things.

With WordPress, you can easily integrate one-click payments with multiple payment gateways. You can build e-commerce stores for both physical and digital products with provision for monthly subscriptions, paid newsletters, and more. You can also implement thousands of plugins that can do numerous things, from sales analytics to easier store management to digital marketing.

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Owned by Google, AppSheet is a platform that allows users to develop apps without code from spreadsheets and databases. Real-time cloud-based spreadsheets like Google Sheets can be used to create intuitive web apps. Users can create apps using data from Google Sheets, Google Forms, Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, Smartsheet, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DreamFactory, and more.

Created apps can capture data in the form of images, NFC, geolocation, signatures, images, etc. Captured data can be synced automatically or manually. Users can build apps without code with data capture for inventory management, safety inspections, equipment inspections, field inspections, etc. Captured data can be synced for collaboration across various departments. Data can be displayed in various formats. Changes can be made both online and offline.


Wix is a no-code website builder for building all kinds of desktop and mobile websites using simple drag and drop tools. Wix also supports a wide variety of third-party plugins and applications for numerous features, including e-commerce enhancement, order tracking, dropshipping, business analytics, email marketing, online marketing, etc.

Wix is free to use, including thousands of templates and free business tools like a business name generator and a logo maker. But users pay for premium features. Premium features include the capability to build a web app with no code and add them to your website, use your own domain name, remove ads and watermarks, add extra bandwidth and improve the e-commerce capabilities of your website.


Webflow provides a SaaS platform to build a web app with no code. It has an online visual editor that users can use to design websites while it runs the complex HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code behind the scenes. Webflow can build all kinds of websites, from simple blogs to advanced e-commerce sites. Webflow is free for starters, but you need to pay for multiple projects, higher bandwidth, and to use more advanced features. Webflow no-code platform is used by various popular companies worldwide. You can connect Webflow sites with other marketing tools easily and work on SEO optimization too.

Webflow has strong e-commerce features with easy checkout and intuitive UX interactions. You can easily monetize member or subscriber-only content. Information can easily be synced, captured, and connected across multiple platforms. Hosting is scalable and can be applied enterprise-wide.


AppGyver is a no-code platform that allows users to develop apps without code for desktop, mobile, desktop, TV, and other platforms. With AppGyver, you can create all sorts of apps without having any coding skills. You can create apps with optimized React Native integration, intuitive, clean UI design, unlimited logic, easy API integration, etc. The best part is that you can build your app once and have it run on multiple platforms.

The easy drag and drop interface makes everything easy to do. You can easily integrate data from platforms from various databases and sources. Once you’ve finished building your app, shipping it is easy. You don’t have to compile it or have a specific operating system. AppGyver cloud platform does everything for you automatically. You build easily and release the app easily. AppGyver gives you access to debugging tools, top-notch security, customizable fonts, customizable deployment pipelines, custom plugins, powerful animation, adaptive design, etc. AppGyver is free to use for indie developers but has payment plans for enterprises.


Squarespace is a SaaS platform that can build a web app with no code. It implements a simple drag and drops feature to create websites. Users can also use the templates available on the platform to build websites. Squarespace supports numerous e-commerce features like multiple payment gateways and more. Squarespace also has other support apps like an icon creator. Squarespace integrates with numerous tools and apps from other platforms. It also has SEO and blogging tools.

Squarespace also contains analytic tools that help provide various insights like web-traffic hotspots and more. E-commerce stores can easily list best-selling products and by units and revenue and make necessary adjustments as needed. In addition, they can improve store conversion rates with abandoned cart recovery. You can also build email lists easily with Squarespace and integrate social media channels on it. Squarespace e-commerce sites can be used for both physical and digital products.

Squarespace can also be used on mobile phones thanks to their capable mobile app that can be used to develop e-commerce stores on the go. The mobile app can also perform other functions like tracking inventory, fast fulfillment of customer sales, product editing, shipment label scanning, customer interaction, and more. Squarespace is free, but a paid subscription is needed to acquire certain premium features.


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